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The Body shop Virgin MojitoThe new limited edition Virgin Mojito Body Care range by The Body Shop offers refreshing hydration which helps keep your skin cool all summer long. The new body care line has a real Mojito scent! The refreshing & intense aroma of fresh mint mixed with some fresh lime, offers a unique revitalization to your senses! This playful cocktail for the body is accompanied by a uniquely refreshing texture of products from frozen body sorbets to cool body splashes! This limited edition series is certain to offer summer days full of refreshing rejuvenation and will leave your skin full of confidence!

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Smoky Poppy body skincare CollectionThe Body Shop recently released a limited edition collection called Smoky Poppy, with extract from rich-in-oil poppies, which offers a unique and relaxing hydration. Then collection includes a full set of bodycare products, like Body scrub, Body Butter, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Bath Bombs, Massage Oil, and also a new Eau de Toilette.

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The Body shop is going to launch its new nail polishes collection, on October 6th, with 24 unique and beautiful shades every girl would adore. This collection differs from others because of some special reasons. First of all, it does not contain harsh chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Moreover, it provides high quality, dermatologically-tested products. Also, their composition does not contain any animal derivatives. Being sold in this affordable price, you can’t find any reason why not to buy it at least once, do you?

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Colour Crush  Nail Varnish Collection 2

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The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus collection

The Body Shop launched its Fijian Water Lotus collection which is the latest accession in its Voyage Fragrance line. It includes a body lotion and butter, shower gel, fragrance mist, eau de toilette and perfume oil. In this line you will distinguish notes of mandarin, lotus, lychee, rose and sea breeze. The first thing that comes into mind when trying any of them, is that they have a soft sensual fragrance in combination with sea floral essence reminding you of summertime. If you want to escape to a tropical paradise, feeling refreshed and relaxed you’re going to love these products. Because they will offer you an unforgettable pampering and aromatic experience.

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