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All abou the new Zoella Lifestyle Collection

Ladies and Gentlemen the new Zoella Lifestyle Collection has dropped! If you don’t already know, which means you live under a rock, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella on social media has her own Beauty and Lifestyle Range of products. In her newest collection on her lifestyle range she has launched a bunch of new an amazing products.

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The adorable British Youtuber Zoe Sugg, or as known as Zoella on social media has, since 2014, her own beauty line. She first came out with her Core Collection, with soaps, bath fizzers, cute make up bags, body mists and more. Since then she has come out with more collections, but yesterday she extended her core collection by adding some amazing products.

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5 holiday makeup looks and how to achieve them

The holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s the right time to make a post, and give you some inspiration on holiday makeup looks and how to achieve them. And which is the best way to do that? Of course by showing you some of the best looks we have found online, by well-known Youtubers. They’re all very special, but they do have common characteristics, like gold and red details, which are must for Christmas looks. If you want to achieve any of these looks, all you have to do is watch how they did their makeup through their video tutorials below:

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