ARTISTRY™ Little Black Dress Eye Shadow Palette by Amway

ARTISTRY™ Little Black Dress Eye Shadow Palette by Amway

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Fall 2014 Eye Shadow PaletteThe new eye shadow palette ARTISTRY Little Black Dress is here to accompany your every day or night out, offering you unparalleled style. Inspired by the classic and timeless fashion trends, this limited eye shadow palette is the ideal choice for the first outings of the year! The Little Black Dress palette can offer you many options. It’s designed exclusively for ARTISTRY, and its elegant black case includes 8 shades among which a white, a pink, a gray and plum one, along with an eye shadow brush with two ends, which gives you the option to use it both to apply your eye shadows and your eyeliner.

Take a look at the color descriptions below:
Pearl: transparent, radiant, white (shimmer)
Candlelight: soft, pale purple (shimmer)
Evening Out: soft, turbid gray (shimmer)
Midnight: soft, silky purple (luster)
Little Black Dress: deep classic black with shine (shimmer)
Glamour: deep, sensational purple (matte)
Stiletto: Bright silver-gray with metallic shine (luster)
Sequin: pale pearly pink (shimmer)
From the company’s press release
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