Clinique moisturizers review

Clinique moisturizers review

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I love Clinique products and as I don’t see a lot of difference between these two excellent products –  Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst Relief and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion creams – I decided to review both now.

Clinique moisturizers reviewThe first one, Moisture Surge to shorten the name,  is like a gel and easily absorbed, fresh and light. It really transforms your thirsty skin in no time – you see and feel your skin instantly hydrated, non-oily and smooth. I’d say it’s a miraculous product. Even with dry skin, or after a bad winter week, it will recover your skin in 2 seconds. Whoever developed this formula is a winner for me 🙂 Then the second one, the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is more like a cream, not a gel like the first one. In my opinion, it delivers the same as Moisture Surge, but it’s just a bit thicker – it doesn’t mean that thicker is bad. This one has a pump, that makes the use more hygienic. But as I said, I don’t see much difference between them and I strongly recommend these two products for a great dewy look and hydration! I bought many of them in different sizes (for a trip, for example), because I really didn’t want to be without these products! I also gave them to three friends who were smitten by the power of the products! You won’t make any mistake purchasing them!


Products displayed here are my own – Photo © by Denise S.


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Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst Relief and Dramatically Different Moisturizing creams
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