Sephora Solid brush cleanser review

Sephora Solid brush cleanser review

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Sephora Solid brush cleanser reviewWe’ve recently tried Sephora’s Solid brush cleanser, and we quite liked it. It’s a round small tin box, that comes with a soap and a silicone pad to help you clean your brushes easier. You can attach the silicone pad onto your sink, but I found that it doesn’t stick that well, and comes off after a while. However, the soap is really really good. You wet your brush, and then you dip it into the soap, give it a few twirls on the pad, and rinse the soap off. You need to repeat that process a couple of times for most of your brushes, depending on how dirty they are, but they get cleaned perfectly and have a nice rosy scent. The pad could be better; I would love if it had some longer tips as well, so it can go deep into the brush and clean it. But after all, it’s a “pocket” product. You can take it anywhere with you. For the same reason, it’s not as easy to clean your bigger brushes, because of the size of the tin, but all and all it’s a very good and practical product, I’ll most likely purchase again in the future.


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