Estrella | Thessaloniki

Estrella | Thessaloniki

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Estrella is a cute and cozy restaurant in Thessaloniki’s center with friendly staff. It is well-known for creating the famous “bougatsan”, a hybrid dessert. More specifically, it’s a homemade butter croissant with warm bougatsa cream which contains real Madagascar vanilla.
As food lovers with a sweet tooth, we had to visit it. Our first impressions are very positive. In its menu, you will find both sweet and savory dishes, suitable for breakfast and brunch. The dishes are beautifully decorated like the ones you’ll find in expensive restaurants. The bougatsan comes in 5 variations; We tried 3 of them: the classic one, one with chocolate and one with red fruits, and we’ll probably try the rest of them in the near future. We also couldn’t resist trying an omelet with bacon and cheddar, scrambled eggs on a bagel and French toasts with turkey and cheddar. And for the smoothie-addicts, there are some delicious suggestions waiting for you. Needless to say, you have to visit it yourself in order to discover Estrella’s delights!!

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Estrella by Stylishly Beautiful 3Estrella by Stylishly Beautiful 4 Estrella by Stylishly Beautiful 5 Estrella by Stylishly Beautiful 6Estrella food -Stylyshly beautifulYou can find Estrella’s site here

Check out also their Facebook page for more daily news

Estrella, street Pavlou Mela 48, Thessaloniki


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