ASOS founder quit after 15 years

ASOS founder quit after 15 years

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Who doesn’t love Asos? Well, last week it was announced that Nick Robertson, the founder and chief executive of Asos, will step down at the online fashion retailer after 15 years. Hope it doesn’t change the way the giant fashion shop works with customers!
ASOS founder, Nick Robertson, quit after 15 years

Nick Beighton, the company’s long-time finance director, will be the new global director. Mr Robertson, still owns an 8.4 per cent stake in  the company, which is worth more than £208m, and he is expected to stay in the company as non-executive director. He launched Asos in 2000 as As Seen On Screen,  offering outfits and accessories similar to those worn by celebrities. It listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Junior Alternative Investment Market at 20p a share in 2001, according to the source. Now Asos shares closed at 2,984p, with a market value of £2.5bn.

Since it has been created, Asos has expanded globally, and now has nine million customers for its trademark “fast-fashion” outside the UK – and beauty products too! We hope everything goes well on Asos for many years to come!

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