The Maternity Collection by Elissavet Maurogenni

The Maternity Collection by Elissavet Maurogenni

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Elissavet Mavrogenni is a briliant Greek bag-designer and her bags are your dreams coming true! I really love everything she designs because her ideas are simple and at the same time everything a girl wants: gorgeous bags with quality materials, a dreamy bow and all these come in a million different combinations! Now that Elissavet became a mother herself she introduced us her new design: the Lydia Diaper bag. The perfect bag for every mommy out there who wants to keep everything in place and also wants to be stylish! Just take a look at the photos and you will be impressed for sure! In case you want to enter Elissavet’s bowland just take a look at her facebook page!

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A design and styling college graduate, Maria's dream was always to enter the fashion world! But since life isn't as easy as it looks like, she found a way to steal some fashion-fairydust... She created her personal style fashion blog called Stylebows and she is chasing her dreams with passion! She also is a travel-lover, she wants to see the world and she already started by visiting European capitals..but this is just the beginning! Maria is an Instagram and social media addict and you can find her almost 24 hours a day online!


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