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dukas coverI believe that there is no woman out there that she is not in love with this man. Due to his job on women’s most desired accessory, he is one of the most coveted men for all women shoppers. As you may have noticed, my articles are devoted to specific designers and this is not due to lack of inspiration; contrariwise it’s due to my interest and admiration. Going through the new designs from Duka’s collection, we notice lines that we have seen before, such as the women’s leg design as a heel. However, the material of the shoes and the small add-ons are different. The true fans will understand me! Without further ado, enjoy his newest creations!!

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Meet the designer - Abycraft - interview 7
Arabella, aka Aby is a really sweet, young and very talented girl, that I had the pleasure of meeting in person a couple of months ago. For the past few years she has been working as a designer and creator of handmade jewelry, something that she has studied and loves immensely. Make sure to read the interview she gave us, check out her Etsy shop and follow her on social media (all links can be found at the end of this interview).
By the way Stylishly Beautiful becomes 2 years old today! Wish us happy Birthday! 🙂

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sissy christidou1

I think that for a long time now I have been praising foreign designers only, leaving the Greek designers who strive for the best, for more quality pieces at the best possible prices considering our economy, aside (unfortunately). Sissy Christidou is therefore one of the many who is trying to inspire us and impress us! Although we got to know her as a TV presenter a few years back, she never hid her love for fashion. She first started a children’s clothing line and due to its great success she also started a women’s collection which has become a fast-seller! Cool, revealing dresses, tunics in amazing designs and colors, and stars that adorn many of the accessories and clothes are enough to convince you to follow Sissy Christidou. So here is her collection for Summer 2016!

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AtoZGreek Special Collection - Summer 2016

Greek women with dazzling personalities that have left their mark in history, carving a distinctive path. The new special collection of beach accessories from the brand AtoZGreek is inspired by Maria, Melina and Nana, who traveled the Greek spirit worldwide, through their exceptional talent.

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elissavet-mavrogenni maternity 3

Elissavet Mavrogenni is a briliant Greek bag-designer and her bags are your dreams coming true! I really love everything she designs because her ideas are simple and at the same time everything a girl wants: gorgeous bags with quality materials, a dreamy bow and all these come in a million different combinations! Now that Elissavet became a mother herself she introduced us her new design: the Lydia Diaper bag. The perfect bag for every mommy out there who wants to keep everything in place and also wants to be stylish! Just take a look at the photos and you will be impressed for sure! In case you want to enter Elissavet’s bowland just take a look at her facebook page!

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Dukas Fall-winter 2015-2016Dukas is back with new and old designs in new patterns and colors with his signature-heels. His new fall/winter 2015-2016 collection consists of pumps and booties, in black, nude and lipstick red. Silky pony skin, velvety suede and net in geometrical design are the basic materials of this collection, while the zebra prints, the asymmetric cuts, and the impressive stitching make the shoes outstanding. The 2 sporty-style booties will escort Dukas’ fashionistas to their winter excursions, while adding chic points to their outfits. Take a look at the whole collection below. The collection is open to pre-order, and will be officially launched on August 28th.

dukas 2 dukas 3 dukas 4 dukas 5 dukas 6

Photos courtesy of dukas.com.gr


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My piece of chic Alexia- meet the designer - StylishlyBeautiful.comAlexia is the creator of My piece of Chic, and if you get to meet her, you’ll realize that she’s a really sweet person, with a strong appetite for creation. Everything you’re going to find on her page, is made by her, and along with her amazing jewellery, you’re also going to find seasonal items, such as sandals there (now that’s summer). It’s our pleasure to have her here today, through the interview she gave us. Meet Alexia, through the questions we asked her, and stay tuned, because from tomorrow on, you’ll be able to win one of her creations through our new giveaway for Stylishly Beautiful’s first birthday. Of course, don’t forget to check out her Facebook page for more (link at the end of this post!).

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Madame Shou Shou SS 2015 1I was eagerly waiting for Madame Shou Shou’s official photoshoot for Spring/Summer to show it to you, because I saw some preview photos of the new collection’s swimsuits and dresses, and I was in love with them. Their new swimsuits have sign names, such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. and I’m sure you’re gonna love them as much as I did. As always the brand’s new photoshoot is dreamy, and has playfulness mixed with retro vibes and maybe a bit of melancholia too. Take a look at some of the official photos below, and make sure to check the rest here.

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Konstantinos Varvitsiotis felt homesick, since he is a NY resident for the past years, so he decided to start his very own collection of handmade beach accessories, called AtoZ Greek! He wants his collection to be an ambassador of the Greek culture abroad! The items included in the collection are three, a beach bag, a small bag for all the essentials and a backpack inspired by the ones we use on the Greek islands! Next year AtoZ Greek hopefully will grow more and launch espadrilles, beach towels and t-shirts!

konstantinos varvitsiotis

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H-ēra S-S 2015 BEACHWEAR COLLECTION 1H-ēra Spring/Summer 2015 Beachwear Collection isn’t just another collection. It’s an amazing, uplifting and totally summer one from a Greek designer. It has unique pieces in beautiful earthly and blue-green shades. It includes classic and ethnic patterns that are going to steal your heart. Their style is mainly boho, airy and romantic. The collection includes clothes that you can wear any time of the day with small changes. Take a look below and don’t forget to check out her site for more inspirational creations.

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