Stylishly Beautiful Team’s favorite products of 2016

Stylishly Beautiful Team’s favorite products of 2016

Stylishly Beautiful Team's favorite products of 2016It’s a tradition here in Stylishly Beautiful to talk about our favourite products of the previous year. Either they are new products that we couldn’t resist trying them or great old ones, they undoubtedly worth a try. Let’s see everyone’s choice and we are waiting for your suggestions!!

From top to bottom reverse clockwise:

Ioanna:  My favourite product (and most used) of 2016 is definitely the Bioderma Sensibio H2O for sensitive skins. I use it nonstop since March and I love it. It doesn’t irritate my skin or my eyes and it removes my makeup perfectly. I will use it for sure on 2017 and I will rebuy it when I run out of stock. I exaggerated a little bit and I bought 6 bottles so I’m good for now!

Markella: If I have one product that I loved during 2016 it’s definitely the makeup sponge by H&M. It’s a good dupe for the original beauty blender (even though they do have some differences), it’s really cheap and has completely transformed my make up looks. My makeup now looks smoother, more natural, almost flawless. I love it!

Kleoniki: It’s hard to name just one favourite product but if I had to, I would say that this is the Sleep Dip it eyeliner. I am constantly using it since September and I believe that it’s the one for me. It has an intense black colour and offers stable  and long-lasting results.  I am sure that no matter how long it has to stay on my eyes,  it looks flawless like the first moment I applied it!

Katerina: In 2016 I have come across so many incredible products! But for me the one product that really stood out was the Tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette from Tarte! I think it has perfect everyday shades, but it also has some deeper colour, that will make a great smokey eye! I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone!




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