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It’s the last day of the year, and I’m sure everyone is thinking about tonight’s plans. Either you’re going somewhere special, before or after 12 o’clock, or you’re staying at home celebrating with friends and family, it’s custom to dress up a little, in such occasions to welcome the New Year in the best way possible. What’s better then, than wearing your party dress, your party shoes, do a nice hairstyle and an impressive makeup look. It’s all about the glitter tonight. Don’t be afraid to make your look a little bit over the top than usual. It’s the best night of the year to do it, after all. Take a look at the makeup and hairstyle inspiration we have for you, for tonight, right below.NYE makeup inspiration

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Instagram, a barely new social media has evolved rapidly and became a daily habit for sure. If you want to check someone’s moments from his/her daily life all you have to do is check his Instagram feed. Also, Instagram is now one of the most widespread media for promoting products and services. If you’re looking for inspirational photos or even for suggestions on how to dress, all you have to do is follow these five accounts:

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As days go by, Stylishly Beautiful will be evolving and we will be sharing new columns and ideas with you! So today we are about to present you our new column called ”places” which will be about the best ”places to be and visit” in our city (or the cities where the other two ”crew members” live). We love these places and we often visit them as a team to exchange thoughts and new ideas about our site! So today we proudly present to you our beloved Sugar Angel | Workshop & coffee in our beautiful Thessaloniki

Since we found out about it, this is the only coffee-place we choose to visit in Thessaloniki and the reasons are countless! Just to start, the place is so gorgeously decorated, with the air of a French bistro and many vintage mirrors! There are always fresh flowers on the tables and the most important thing is that it’s a smoke-free place!

Sugar Angel workshop & coffee - Thessaloniki - ph. Stylishly Beautiful.com

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