Colourpop is coming to Sephora!

Colourpop is coming to Sephora!

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Colourpop is coming to Sephora!

I have pretty exciting news loves! Colourpop is coming to Sephora this November! One of our favourite and affordable brands will enter the Sephora world just in time for holiday shopping. Just imagine how many cute stuff you will be able to check out before buying them. I’m sure that a lot of you can relate to the words “I regret buying that” or “I wish I had bought that”. There were a lot of times that you bought something and you end up regretting it because the colour didn’t compliment your skin tone. There were also a couple of times (at least in my case) that I didn’t buy some out of fear that it wouldn’t match. This comes to an end because we will be able to see and test the products. The products will be available in selected Sephora stores.

Photos courtesy of Colourpop Cosmetics’ official Instagram account

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