Colourpop “I Think I love You” palette

Colourpop “I Think I love You” palette

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Colourpop I Think I love You palette

A new palette from Colourpop is available and I have to admit that it’s beautiful. It’s called “I Think I Love You” and it contains 12 matte and metallic colours. They are highly pigmented pressed powder shadows in gold, neutral and brown shades. The names and shades according to Colourpop’s official website are “Bitter Better” a metallic soft gold, “Bel Air” a matte cool taupe, “Fancy Face” a metallic bright red copper, “Girls Bite” a metallic golden bronze, “Howdy” a metallic red bronze, “Rowdy” a matte warm ivory, “My Treat” a metallic champagne ivory, “Level Up” a metallic bright penny copper, “Screw It” a metallic soft rose gold, “Let’s Do It” a matte true black, “Rule Breaker” a metallic bright yellow gold and last but definitely not least “My Type” a matte deep saddle brown. It costs 16$ and it’s available now at

Photos courtesy of Colourpop’s official Instagram account

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