Victoria Beckham for Reebok | New collaboration

Victoria Beckham for Reebok | New collaboration

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Victoria Beckham for ReebokWe have some exciting and unexpected new for you! Victoria Beckham is collaborating with Rebook for a new collection, which adds style to athletic outfits. Victoria has herself joined the world of athleisure with her own everyday outfits. A few years ago, we would have never imagined such a collaboration, since Victoria Beckham was known for her more polished and chic looks. Over the past few years though her style has evolved a lot, and we’re happy to see her land another major collaboration. It’s the 3rd collaboration she has with major names, as earlier this year, she collaborated with Estee Lauder for the 2nd time, and designed a capsule collection for Target stores.

There are not any more details revealed for this collab, but we expect it to launch sometime next year. Victoria Beckham said in her official statement: “To challenge the traditional notions of fitness wear within a fashion context is something I have always wanted to do”. While the senior vice president of women’s initiatives at Reebok Corinna Werkle commented: “Victoria is a true visionary who possesses a relentless desire to help women become the best version of themselves”. We really can’t wait to learn more about this collaboration, but we’ll have to wait till more details are revealed. Till then you can shop Victoria Beckham or Reebok, below! 😉


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