KKW Beauty x Mario Dedivanovic Collection

KKW Beauty x Mario Dedivanovic Collection

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KKW-Beauty-x-Mario-CollectionMario Dedivanovic and Kim Kardashian, have been working together for 10 years now, and a collaboration between the two of them, have long been expected by their fans. The KKW Beauty x Mario collection, is going to be released today, April 5th, and from what we’ve seen, it’s going to be amazing. It’s inspired by Kim’s ever-changing style and Mario’s best makeup looks on her, through the years they’ve been working together. “I basically pulled tons of our looks and our favorites and [picked] colors so that you can basically re-create any Kim-and-Mario look from the past 10 years,” said Mario. We’ve seen glimpses of their collection on their social media, and we now know that the boldest color of their collection is called Libra (they’re both Libras), and it’s an electric blue shade. As for the lipstick, Mario created a shade, based on the colors he used to mix over the years, to create the signature nude color on Kim’s lips. “I’ve always used about three or four lipsticks in this palette that I have, and I always mix them to create one color. So what I did is that I created that color in the lipstick tube,” he said. Mario created the collection both for amateurs and professionals. He said: “When I created the eye shadow palette, I made sure that the products are very user-friendly and that you can apply a little bit and get the effect that you want, but you can also layer it and really get intensity. But I also think about makeup artists who will know how to use and perfect it.” The collection will be sold as a bundle, at $85, but the products can be found individually, on KKW.com at $18 for the lip glosses, $20 for the lipstick, and $45 for the eyeshadow palette.

KKW-Beauty-x-Mario-Collection KKW-Beauty-x-Mario-Collection KKW-Beauty-x-Mario-Collection KKW-Beauty-x-Mario-Collection KKW-Beauty-x-Mario-Collection

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