Puma x Barbie collection

Puma x Barbie collection

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Puma x Barbie collection

Good news! There’s a Puma x Barbie collection coming up next fall, and it’s going to include apparel too. After Barbie’s collaboration with brands such as Sephora (in March), Missguided (in April), and a resort collaboration with Show me your Mumu, it’s time for the brand to move on to a collaboration with a streetwear brand like Puma. “Barbie is a really exciting canvas for brands to play with and we love our partnerships and we love working with partners and Puma represents a really exciting, iconic brand similar to Barbie,” said Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and general manager of Mattel Inc.’s Barbie.” “I think what’s exciting for Barbie is her rich heritage and our connection to fashion for almost 60 years,” McKnight added.

The collection is going to be released just a bit before Barbie’s 60th anniversary, which is next year. We should expect it at late fall, and it will be a collection for both girls and women. The items are going to retail from $50 to $100 and will include footwear and apparel. Who’s excited for this collaboration?

Puma x Barbie collection Puma x Barbie collection Puma x Barbie collection

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