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I don’t think that I have to tell you a lot about Chiara… She is an Italian, gorgeous blogger, maybe one day she will be a law school graduate and she is a worldwide phenomenon. Since she created her blog “The Blonde Salad” she became a model for several campaigns, collaborated with many brands and created capsule collections and of course she has her own jewellery and shoe line (we talked about the shoe line at our very first post!)

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Gary Pepper girl 1 - Stylishly BeautifulNicole Warne, aka the Gary Pepper girl, launched her fashion blog in 2009, along with a small business that sold vintage pieces, called Gary Pepper vintage. As both her blog and her business begun to grow in size and popularity, Nicole took the risk to first quit her full-time job, and then pause her vintage business to pursue her dreams as a full-time fashion blogger. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Nicole travels the world in style with one goal in mind: “to continue to share with her audience the journey of painting and creating the world of Gary Pepper, a realm of vivid colour, striking fashion and endless possibilities. It’s not about seeing beautiful places; it’s about seeing the beauty in every place. Her life motto? The glass is half full.”

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I love many bloggers but if I had to choose one it would be Blair Eadie! She is adorable and she totally lives and breathes for fashion! Her blog named Atlantic-Pacific is one of the most popular pesonal style blogs globally! She used to live in San Francisco and work as a merchandiser for Old Navy but her current role is director of merchandising for Tory Burch in New York! Her style is the most perfect I have seen in years and I love every outfit she wears! Blair is the absolute NY girl and she used to match her make up and her nails with her outfit, even before it was cool! To me, she is a modern princess and I suggest you follow her and enter her fashion world!


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The fact that he got the award as the Best Dressed in high-school had put him into thought. That was how he started uploading his daily outfits to sites like! Then, at the age of 18, he decided to start his own blog named I Am Galla which has now grown into a successful business. His collaborations with brands like GUCCI, YSL, GUESS and much more companies that trust him with their new collections made him even more famous. In his blog, you will mostly find pictures of preppy looks shot all over the world and especially in Europe which is one of his greatest loves!

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Jessie is the girl that can wear anything she wants and make it look good! What I think makes this fashion blogger from Spain stand out, is that she manages to combine affordable pieces that we can all find in the mall, in the most unique ways.

She started her blog Seams for a desire three years ago, in 2011, while studying Psychology after her boyfriend motivated her to do it. Jessie is a psychology graduate now, but her love for fashion is still going strong! What characterizes her style perfectly, is the mix & match outfits, although they have now become more minimalistic, and all kinds of accessories: like belts, hats, bracelets and many necklaces that are never missing  from her outfits, along with her ​​favorite high heels.

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Kayture - bloggers we love - StylishlyBeautiful.comKristina Bazan is the blogger behind Kayture. Kristina was born in Belarus, and was raised in Switzerland (after spending a few years living in USA as a child), and speaks 4 languages: French, English, Russian and a little bit of German. She started Kayture in 2011, after gaining some popularity from Lookbook (a style sharing community), but I don’t think she could ever imagine how much more popularity her blog would bring her. Along with her boyfriend and photographer, James Chardon, they managed to make Kayture one of the most successful and influential blogs in the world, with major collaborations in the fashion and beauty industry.

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An American girl living in Paris! Audrey Leighton Rogers can call home three different cities: Washington DC (born there), Valencia (her parents live there) and Paris (where she moved after her graduation, all alone with no friends just to make her dream come true)! Blogging since 2007, she only needed 6 months to establish her name at the fashion world and now in the age of 25 she is working in fashion, through her blog and as a freelance writer and photographer! Her style is exactly like the name of her blog, fresh+sassy equals frassy! She owns a wardrobe I want to steal and a crazy spirit that I am so jealous of! With these gorgeous Parisian backrounds it was not hard for her to turn everything she wears into a trend! She enjoys fashion and she just created her very own brand, named Audrey Leighton Rodgers and she made a promise that there are many more things to come in her fashion future!


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There is a fashion blogger who’s been inspiring me even before starting my own blog. Her name is Kendi Skeen and she comes from Texas. She started «Kendi Everyday» in 2009 and she is now a great and well-known blogger. She describes her style as: simple, classic and a little bit quirky. She can show you a colorful girly outfit one day and a business one the next day. She loves showing combinations with basic clothes and she can’t live without her skinny jeans, her wedges and blazers. Through her blog you will find out that fashion isn’t about shopping all the time, but creating outfits with pieces you can find in your closet.

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