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Kayture - bloggers we love - StylishlyBeautiful.comKristina Bazan is the blogger behind Kayture. Kristina was born in Belarus, and was raised in Switzerland (after spending a few years living in USA as a child), and speaks 4 languages: French, English, Russian and a little bit of German. She started Kayture in 2011, after gaining some popularity from Lookbook (a style sharing community), but I don’t think she could ever imagine how much more popularity her blog would bring her. Along with her boyfriend and photographer, James Chardon, they managed to make Kayture one of the most successful and influential blogs in the world, with major collaborations in the fashion and beauty industry.

Her outfits are always stylish and elegant, despite her very young age (she’s only 21), and her blog’s photos (most of which are taken by the talented James) are simply breathtaking. And these are only 2 of the reasons why we love her. She loves traveling and she takes us with her every time she does, either with her blog posts or with her constant uploads on Instagram. Apart from blogging, she loves singing, and she’s currently working on her first album as a singer.

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Markella aka Call me M. is a Marketing & Advertising graduate from Thessaloniki, Greece and the owner of the personal style blog, Do You Speak Gossip?. Her hobbies are blogging, photography, traveling and cooking. She loves blogging about her passion, and she also loves photographing everything; from food to nature and everything else in between she may find pretty. When she's not behind (or in front of) her camera, you will find her taking photos with her phone and chatting with her friends online. She's a shoe addict, and a food and technology lover.


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