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Migato Campaign winter 18-19The new winter 2018-2019 collection by Migato, called “The Sparkling Collection” is full of glow, comfort, and affordable luxury. Boots with metallic surfaces and embellishments, pumps with rhinestones, glitter over-the-knee boots, comfortable heels influenced by the ’70s, and matching statement bags & accessories are the main characteristics of the Sparkling Collection by Migato.

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Migato Autumn Winter 2016-2017 collection

The new MIGATO collection for Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 stands out for the classic square heels from the 70’s, the impressive prints, the fur details, but also for the hippy embellishments! Luxurious materials and metallic shine get reflected even in the most everyday key pieces of the collection, giving glamorous touches to our looks from day to night. Apart from shoes, you will find a plethora of female accessories, such as handbags, wallets, belts and statement necklaces in MIGATO, which will complete your every outfit successfully!

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mcm 1
Today’s article is dedicated to MCM and its unique creations! I must admit that despite my knowledge in fashion, I got to know this company better only a year ago, because of its increased popularity from its loyal supporters. The main feature of the company is the use of leather materials, which give a special shine under the light, due to the quality of the leather used and the physical enrichment with gold and silver studs. Due to this type of leather, the company became really popular to the public. I would describe its designs as particularly eccentric, nevertheless who wouldn’t want to get one? Despite the steep prices, the company grows daily and remains one of the best companies worldwide!

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Michael Kors Spring-summer 2016 bagsI could say so many things for this man… I could be talking to you for hours… Just to inform you; I am not gonna be objective!! Starting with the design of his first collection in 1981 and until today, he has not deviated from his goal, which is quality and affordable for the time values ​​(perhaps this move led him to the bankruptcy of his company in 1993). However he continued to generously provide us with his inspired creations, until today. Artworks adorning every part of your body. I do not know what else I could tell you… Maybe I could use a Chinese proverb: one picture speaks a thousand words… Enjoy the new collection: Spring-Summer 2016!!

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My piece of chic Alexia- meet the designer - StylishlyBeautiful.comAlexia is the creator of My piece of Chic, and if you get to meet her, you’ll realize that she’s a really sweet person, with a strong appetite for creation. Everything you’re going to find on her page, is made by her, and along with her amazing jewellery, you’re also going to find seasonal items, such as sandals there (now that’s summer). It’s our pleasure to have her here today, through the interview she gave us. Meet Alexia, through the questions we asked her, and stay tuned, because from tomorrow on, you’ll be able to win one of her creations through our new giveaway for Stylishly Beautiful’s first birthday. Of course, don’t forget to check out her Facebook page for more (link at the end of this post!).

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Achilleas Accessories Spring-Summer 2015  Lookbook 1 Achilleas Accessories definitely suggests clothes with prints for this Spring and Summer. Geometric, stripes and floral prints will be very popular, as they can give a more playful touch to your looks. Also, light fabrics in pastel shades and some black and white combinations are a great idea. They are suitable for a morning walk or your vacations on an island. Don’t forget to complete your outfits with the right accessories like statement necklaces for a more glamorous result or your shopping bag as a more casual choice. Check out the company’s lookbook and get inspired!!

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Axel SS 2015 ad campaignWe’ve written again about Axel in the past, but for those of you who don’t remember it, it’s a Greek clothing and accessories company. Axel picked the Greek TV presenter Faye Skorda as the face of their new ad campaign for spring/summer 2015. Faye shows us a small part of the collection, but you can take a look at the lookbook photos down below. It seems that the company suggests bold prints, and colors inspired by the 60s for this spring, and of course lots of white and blue, which are our country’s signature colors. The zebra print of the company was a huge hit last season so it returns in new colors, and printed on new items to make you even more stylish.

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V.A.L accessories jewelry & knits

Vicky is a young designer from Athens, Greece, who creates handmade jewellery, clothes & accessories. Her creations are definitely impressive and they’re addressed not only to women, but also to men. We talked to her about her motives, her creations, and her designs, and we’re happy to present you one more interview of a young designer who loves her work. We hope you enjoy the interview!

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Doca catalogue SS2015The Greek clothing and accessories company, Doca, released its new catalogue for this spring/summer (of 2015), and we really can’t decide which pieces to pick first, because everything looks amazing. Their new collection is divided in 5 categories with titles like, Greek islands, White fits black, City Escape, Shady pop, and Floral Tribute, depending on the color palette and the patterns of its items. In this new campaign, bold and pastel colors are the protagonists, but black, white and of course blue are also a big part of it, since blue is the color of Greece, and it’s really common in summer. Enjoy part of the catalogue with us, through the pics you’ll find below, and make sure to visit Doca’s site, to go through all its pages.

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Longchamp Spring 2015

Longchamp recently released their Spring/Summer 2015 ad campaign in which Alexa Chung stars. The ad campaign images were shot at MAMO, Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse of Marseille, France, by Max Vadukul. In the ad campaign, Alexa wears the iconic Le Pliage Héritage bag in its mini version, in many different colors, pairing it with beautiful colorful dresses and espadrilles. Take a look at the whole Le Pliage Héritage collection below, and watch the film at the end of this post.

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