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Gigi Hadid get her own Barbie doll

Mattel turned Gigi Hadid into a Barbie doll, in honor of Gigi’s second capsule collection with Tommy Hilfiger. In the first pictures they released on @BarbieStyle ‘s account, the two friends go roller-skating in Venice, and take selfies in their matching Tommy Hilfiger crop tops. Gigi posted the photo on her personal Instagram account with the caption: “Can’t believe that’s me !!!!!!! ? Thank you for this honor #Mattel, @tommyhilfiger ❤ can’t wait to have #BARBIE join us at the #TOMMYxGIGI show tomorrow!”. And she did join them, as Barbie was invited by Tommy Hilfiger to watch the show of the collaboration between him and Gigi. Do you remember when Mattel created a Chiara Ferragni Barbie doll? We sure do! 

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Chiara Ferragni Barbie doll

Have you heard the news? Mattel created a Chiara Ferragni Barbie doll! Yes, it’s true! Both @barbiestyle and @chiaraferragni Instagram accounts confirmed it! Chiara is the first fashion blogger to become a Barbie doll, but that doesn’t really come as a surprise to the longtime fans of said blogger. Chiara was holding a Barbie doll on her very first post when she started blogging, back in 2009. She also posed as a Barbie Girl, for Grazia Italia, back in September 2014, to promote the (then) upcoming collection of Moschino by Jeremy Scott, which was a collaboration between the brand, and Barbie. The new Chiara Ferragni Barbie doll not only looks like Chiara, but she also follows her style, including shoes & phone case from Chiara’s personal collection. We still haven’t heard if this new doll is going to be for sale in stores, but we’re guessing there are going to be some limited pieces available as part of their collaboration. We’ll keep you posted!

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Barbie by Sophia Webster featured - StylishlyBeautiful.comWe couldn’t be happier with the latest announcement of Sophia Webster about her newest collaboration, with a brand like Barbie. Webster’s signature style has always been doll-like, and it seems that the people at Barbie took notice and asked her to do them the honor and design something for the world-famous doll for the first time: flat shoes. “Creating a shoe collection for Barbie has always been my dream project, but getting to be a part of her embracing flats for the first time made it extra exciting, and deeply personal,” Webster told Vogue.

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A plus-sized Barbie is creating polemic and debates about body image and the impact it can have on health. The plus-size models, (it means, anybody who is over the so-called standards for the models’ world), serve as models for a growing market and also to show society that there are different kinds of bodies all over the world. It means, women who are healthy should embrace their shapes, instead of seeking patterns that are not compatible to their types.

Considering the above mentioned topics, the Plus-Size-Modeling site thought a plus-size Barbie would reflect the reality for many people. They posted the doll’s picture on their facebook page. The image comes from an illustration contest on Worth1000 site.

Plus-Size Barbie - StylishlyBeautiful.com

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