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Beauty Blender Chill

Just chill because there is a new Beauty Blender in town! If you are not familiar with Beautyblender is basically a brand that transformed our way of applying our makeup.

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Solid cleanser by Beauty Blender (1)

If you are looking for a brush and beauty sponge cleanser I suggest you to try the Solid cleanser from Beauty Blender. It’s a bit pricy and of course you can clean your beauty sponges with any kind of soap you like but this one is amazing.

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Christmas gift guide for her makeup editionIt’s the time of the year when we’re all searching for Christmas presents for our loved ones. Women are normally easier to shop for, but when it comes to men knowing what to buy for us, there seems to be a difficulty. So we’ve gathered some makeup products here today, that are very popular among all us ladies, to help you shop for your girlfriend, wife, sister, friend, etc. A nice set of makeup brushes is always welcome, especially if it comes in rose gold like this set. Brow products have been very popular these past few years, so a nice palette in her brow colors would totally be used. The same goes for the illuminizer set by The Balm. Or you can go with a nice Christmas set by MAC in her favorite color. A beauty blender, aka the most popular makeup sponge is also a good idea, and having tried some of NYX’s products lately, we have to say that we more than approve, so anything you get from these products above, will be well liked. So, what are you buying for her this Christmas?

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Beauty Blender sponges review

I’m sure that you already know the Beauty Blender makeup sponges and how amazing they are. I own 3 of them and I bought them as a limited edition set, but you now can find them all separately. The Beauty Blender sponges are makeup sponges with which you can apply all of your creamy products.

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