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All abou the new Zoella Lifestyle Collection

Ladies and Gentlemen the new Zoella Lifestyle Collection has dropped! If you don’t already know, which means you live under a rock, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella on social media has her own Beauty and Lifestyle Range of products. In her newest collection on her lifestyle range she has launched a bunch of new an amazing products.

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Bloggers we love - Stylishlyme

Behind Stylishlyme are Vanessa Rodriguez and her boyfriend, Peter Lang. Vanessa was born in a small town in California, but she moved away to study, and later discovered her love for fashion. She founded her blog Stylishlyme, and blogged about her outfits, when she discovered her true passion, which was consulting. She now owns a digital agency with Peter, while she still owns her personal style blog, and shares her everyday outfits with us. Her style can be casual or formal, but always chic. But apart from her outfits, you’re also going to love her blog’s photography. So you should definitely go check her out.

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Queenhorsfall is a social media influencer and trendsetter from Seoul currently living in California.  Her goal is to work in the fashion industry. She created her blog so that she could share her personal style and connect with others interested in fashion. She has already collaborated with more than 100 brands! I love her style because it changes every time, it can be from minimal to girly but always chic! I really love her blog and I think you should take a look too!

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infashionity 5

Infashionity was created by “H” in order to express his passion for fashion and men’s style. After his active presence on Instagram and many engaged followers, “H” created his personal blog to share with his fans more fashion looks and to give them the chance to discover his personal style. In less than a year, infasHionity -which was named after the words fashion and infinity- counts many collaborations with famous fashion brands while its followers were becoming more and more each day because of his active Instagram presence. “I thought the paradox was interesting, as being «in fashion» is something temporary by essence, but at the same time I believe great fashion and great designers can last forever, and even be part of a culture and its history” as he described. Discover his style in the following pictures:

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Bloggers we love - Bee's wonderland

Borjana Radovic is the girl behind the blog Bee’s wonderland. She’s originally from Bosnia, but she quit her job as a lawyer there to move to Vienna, and she started her personal style blog in 2011. Her style is definitely really different to mine, but it’s absolutely great. It’s quite minimal, with little to none accessories, except for her sunglasses, and her signature silver short hair. She mostly prefers flat or low heeled shoes and no bag for her photoshoots. You should definitely go check her blog out, and follow her on social media if you like her style.

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lipgloss and lace blogger 1

Shauna is a California girl living in Orange County and she has always been a lover of all things fashion! She is a wife and a puppy-mother and she is addicted to oniline shopping! I love her girly and chic style; she wears so many colors, she is not afraid of bright prints and her super gorgeous hair are a great addition to her style! Just take a look at her blog and get inspired by her looks!

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Bloggers we love - Michelle's style file

Michelle’s Style File is the internet child of Michelle, a 37-year-old personal style blogger, and mom to a 3-year-old boy, from Melbourne. Michelle works full time, but she also manages to update her blog frequently, with the aim to inspire. Maternity & nursing styles also have a prominent position on her blog, which she launched back in 2011. Her style is minimal but very feminine too, and she is a shoe girl like me. <3 Check out her blog for more outfits, and make sure to follow her!

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23 year old Jairwoo, is undoubtedly one of the best menswear bloggers and youtubers having more than 100.000 subscribers and 10 million views inspiring men daily. Jair, through his digital presence, wants to document his personal style and create a small sample of his everyday life, his travels amd his stylish pictures. From the time he started YouTube, he collaborated with brands such as big sexy hair, dstld jeans, starkstreet, jonny iv and more counting. Of course, collaborations are not going to stop here for Jairwoo, as he collaborates with various fashion brands giving quality pictures and videos to his readers and viewers. Get to know him, through the following pictures.


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Bloggers we love - wishwishwish

Carrie Harwood, now Carrie Santana da Silva, is a personal style blogger who loves furry animals, ‘60s dresses, pretty shoes and junk food. I found her blog through her Instagram profile, which I love, and for which I’ve written about here, and I absolutely love her style and her photos. She recently got married to the love of her life in Portugal, and after a short hiatus, she’s back to blogging. What I love about her blog is the fact that the background of her photos plays a huge role in her outfit posts, complementing whatever she’s wearing that day. You should definitely visit her blog, and see by yourself. Links at the end of this post!

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the chriselle factor 3

Chriselle Lim began her career as a stylist, before she created her personal blog in 2011 named “The Chriselle Factor”. Chriselle also launched a YouTube channel aiming to inspire women all around the world to discover their inner beauty. In her blog you will find outfits with pieces of luxury fashion designers combined with the unique style of Chriselle. She has been named as the No. 1 fashion expert of YouTube as she provides useful fashion tips for women around the world. Discover the unique style Chriselle in thechrisellefactorm.com website. See a brief preview of the blog below:

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