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Mirror of fasshion personal style blog

Valerie is the girl behind Mirror of Fashion blog. She’s a journalist, and a blogger from Antwerp, Belgium. On her blog, she shares her love for fashion through her outfit posts, which reflect her personal style. Her style is minimal, usually in neutral tones of black, white, blue & brown, and with an absence of jewelry. She most definitely prefers wearing flats, often sneakers, and accessorizing her looks with gorgeous bags and her distinguishing style of specs. Take a look at her style, and make sure to follow her blog and her social media if you like it.

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Bloggers' style - Purses & I

Purses & I, is the fashion & lifestyle blog of Laura Comolli. Laura was born in Turin in 1987 and has graduated law school with honors. She created her blog back in 2010, and it was actually one of the first to be created in Italy, in a try to escape her student life. Her blog is now one of the top 10 blogs of Italy, and Laura has collaborated with brands such as Dior, Chloe, Kenzo, Chiara Boni, Maliparmi, Maria Grazia Severi, has appeared on prestigious magazines and walked the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival, as a style icon. See a sample of her style photos below, and make sure to follow her blog and social media to find more.

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Coachella Festival takes place in April every year at the Coachella Valley in California and it lasts for 3 weekends, when many bands perform! The festival has a hippie, 60’s vibe and every year the hot topic around the festival is the stylish -or not- choices of its visitors! So let’s take a look at the fashionable bloggers who attended the festival during the first weekend!

Chiara Ferragni

chiara ferragni coachella style


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man rep1

Leandra Medine founded Man Repeller in 2011, when blogging was just a hobby for her. Her blog was constantly growing as her style never goes unnoticed and her useful fashion tips are her success story. She has collaborated with famous brands such as Michael Kors, Maje, BaubleBar, Stuart Weitzman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2012, Medine was featured in Forbes’s “Top 30 Under 30” as one of the year’s “most influential trendsetters,”  and received “Best Overall Blog” at the 2012 Bloglovin’ Awards. Explore Leandra’s style through the following pictures:

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Bloggers we love - Brown Platform - StylishlyBeautiful.com

Brown platform is the digital child of the blogger Anastasia Siantar. Anastasia was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has 4 sisters (she’s the middle child!), and studied Hospitality and Tourism Management in Singapore. After that she spent 2 years in Paris, where she studied French, and is now happily married. She states that she’s “an ordinary girl who adores extraordinary shoes” and she’s not kidding about that second part. I’ve been following her blog since she started it, and I’ve seen her wear the most gorgeous and extravagant pairs of shoes, with a weakness for high platform pumps. She started back in 2011, but her style has since evolved a lot, going from more casual outfits, to more ladylike & chic ones nowadays. Her looks today are very polished & sophisticated, but still utterly stylish. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the collages I’ve made and make sure to follow her blog & her social media accounts.

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Maja Malnar and her blog Maja’s Diary are my latest obsessions! Maja was born is Slovenia and at the age of 16 she was discovered by a manager and she started working as a model, as a dance trainer, a singer and she finally found what her true love was, being a TV host! She lived in many countries, she can speak 5 languages fluently and now she expresses her love about fashion through this blog! I think that she is an amazing woman with many inspiring stories, all you have to do is check her blog and learn about her!

maja blogger

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viktoriya sener blogger

I found out about Victoriya and her super gorgeous blog a few days ago through Instagram! Her feed there is stunning, full of colors and pastel clothes. Also she lives in Istanbul my favorite city in the entire world so it’s easy to say why I admire her so much! She was born in Ukraine but she currently lives in Turkey with her husband and she is the proud owner of a turtle! I absolutely love her style because it’s versatile and she can wear anything and look gorgeous! You should definitely check her blog and of course follow her through Instagram!

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lydia millen 1

Lydia Millen is a blogger from UK whom I recently discovered and I’m totally obsessed with her minimal style. She started her blog back in 2011 in her final year of University, she graduated with a Marketing degree from The University of Northampton, and she is currently a full time blogger. Lydia’s blog is an eclectic mix of subjects, she shares advice, recipes, beauty secrets along with her health and fitness journey. And one thing is for sure, her blog will definitely make you want to hit the gym!

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The girl behind this blog is Ana. She is a Romanian girl living in Vienna and she studies “transcultural communication” at the university of Vienna. She is really passionate about food, traveling, fashion and life and her blog is her own way of expressing and sharing this passion! I love her style, because it’s different every time and she owns many gorgeous clothes. She can be girly or edgy or chic and all these together!

anas fashionality blogger

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Bloggers we love - La Petite Olga 2 - StylishlyBeautiful.com

Olga is a Munich based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. I’ve been following her blog, La Petite Olga for years, and I love her style because it’s simple yet elegant. Olga is really pretty, and I love the fact that she wears minimal makeup and is always smiley in photos. I especially love her winter style, with blazers, cardigans, coats and the, latest-huge-trend chunky sweaters. Go visit Olga’s blog and check out her style. You’ll find all the links below.

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