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It seems there’s a new trend – well, not that “new”, rather a comeback – that was seen on the London runways lately – brocade and tapestry! Even the smallest details were covered by that, having the Burberry Prorsum show opened by a song from the Tapestry album, by Carole King, a definite mention to the 70s, when brocade and tapestry were so in, with so nice patchwork items.

Brocade and patchwork revival trend

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John Galliano is someone who is always recreating himself. As the creative director of Dior and his own brand, we all waited for Galliano’s new look after each collection. He was already blond with long hair, then a dandy with short hair and a thin moustache, among so many other looks. His looks were as strongly waited as his collections. Well, nearly 4 years ago Galliano was dismissed by Maison Dior and his brand also closed. Then he worked for Oscar de la Renta and L’Etoiles, a Russian cosmetics’ brand. But then in October 2014 he was hired by Renzo Rosso, owner of OTB group, that controls Maison Martin Margiela. They shared, officially, that John Galliano would make his comeback and show his first collection for the brand in January 2015, called Artisanal. And this is it – he did so on Jan 12th, for only 100 guests in London, during the London Menswear Fashion Week.

John Galliano comeback for Maison Martin Margiela

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