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I love to browse shops at airports, cause some of the novelties are really good, exclusive (so, that is the time to buy them, cause we won’t find it in another store) and sometimes, reasonably priced. And above all, I am always in love with palettes – a practical way to have many choices during a trip. So I spotted this Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette and fell in love with the colors! But, is it good, for the price it was? It wasn’t cheap, so I expected really a good quality product.

Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow palette review

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Lancome launches some lovely palettes from time to time, and the one here was bought a bit in a hurry at an airport, after an air company didn’t deliver my luggage – and most of my makeup was there. I wanted something that could offer powder, concealer, highlighter, lipsticks, mascara and eye pencil – it had all. Obviously we cannot choose the exact eye shadow colors we are used to wear – some yes, but some we just don’t touch, but for the moment this Lancome makeup palette offered a lot.

Lancome makeup palette review

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Autumn is finally here and as we do on the beginning of every season, we are going to clear out our make-up collection and renew it, by adding some stuff to it. Let’s start with some eye shadow palettes for Fall.

autumn eyeshadow palettes

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Some day while walking right in front of the gorgeous big Sephora store on ChampsElysées in Paris I told myself “no, please don’t enter there!” You know, I meant not to surrender to one more makeup shopping afternoon, but I can never resist Sephora – can you?

Sephora 54 colors palette review - Stylishly Beautiful

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Summer is the greatest time for bright colored make-up. If you like a romantic look, you can try using only one color or more colors in lighter tones. If you want to be daring, every make-up house suggests blue and purple shades. We took a look and we suggest 5 palettes you can use to create a make up look for every occasion.

Summer eyeshadow palettes

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