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The colourful bouquet - Greek fashion blogger
Ioanna has been a fashion & beauty blogger for the past couple of years, but her love for what she does is quite obvious. Getting to know her a little bit better over the past few months, I realized how much we have in common, and that we not only have a similar character, but opinions too. Apart from blogging, she loves her job equally much. She has studied aesthetics & cosmetology and she has already started giving us advice through some guest posts she has written for Stylishly Beautiful. You should totally go read them, but not before you read the interview she gave us, to get to know her better!

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Meet the blogger - Lemoncake Wardrobe - StylishlyBeautiful.com
I may not know Christina aka Lemoncake Wardrobe personally, but she has already win me over, through her blog, and I feel like we’re already friends. It’s easy to get this feeling due to her sweetness, and how down-to-earth and polite she is. Since the first time I read her posts, I was magnetized by the way she writes. Having been a copyrighter for many years, she knows how to write in a great way, but I believe that it’s something that comes natural to her. Apart from her texts though, I particularly love her personal style, which may vary from retro-inspired to quite modern. But it’s always feminine and elegant, and that’s why her blog is an endless source of inspiration. If you don’t believe me, check out the photos below, and don’t miss her interview. Make sure to also follow her on social media. 

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Meet the blogger - Red Rose Cheeks 2- StylishlyBeautiful.comI’ve been reading Katerina’s blog for many years, and I was always impressed, not only because of her lovely and unique style that definitely makes her stand out, but also because of the amazing photos it has. She has a great love for her blog, and that’s obvious from her work and her photos. Apart from fashion she also loves traveling, and she makes sure to take us with her on her trips through her well-written and well-photographed posts. So, meet Katerina and make sure to visit her blog and her social media accounts. 

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Meet the blogger- Fashion Addict 1
Even though Olympia is very young, she is the kind of girl that has a very good sense of style. She is always updated when it comes to fashion and she is never going to follow any trend blindly but she will “wear” it in her own way. Her personal style has many rock elements but there are some romantic, too. Learn more about her, through today’s interview and don’t forget to check out her blog, Fashion Addict.

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blogger christy and the city

I first met Christy in person about a year ago and the fact that she said whatever she was thinking really impressed me! One year later I am a big fan of her sharp mind and mouth because it’s important to say your opinion! I also am a fan of her style, which I would describe as minimal with many inspiring touches. She loves black and wears it all year long and I think her favorite item is a hat! So let’s see her answers to my 12 questions and get to meet her better!

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olga petsi 1

She may be relatively new to video blogging, but she has received lots of love by her audience this past year and a half! For Olga Petsi only one word comes to mind every time I watch her videos: the calm force of the Greek Youtube community! Through her videos she likes to share beauty tips, favorite beauty products and step-by-step natural makeup techniques for all the beauty addicts out there!

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Fashion Attendant 4

After all these interviews from women bloggers, it’s time for our first interview from a male blogger. Harris, is in the blogosphere for almost two years and gives style lessons from his personal online space, Fashion Attendant. His photographs have nothing to envy of a fashion editorial that we see in the international press and his collaborations with various fashion brands stir the interest of the men of the country (and not only them). Have you not found what jacket to wear to a casual occasion or did you not find the right pants for your night out? All you have to do is visit fashionattendant.com! Get to know Harris through the questions he answered for us below:

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Nothing Like Fashion - redhead Greek blogger

Rania is the beautiful redhead with the exquisite style who’s behind the personal style blog Nothing Like Fashion. I discovered her blog when she was still making her first steps in the blogging world (a little while after I started my own blog) and I watched her evolve year after year, not only stylistically but also photographically. Rania’s blog, in my opinion, is definitely one of the best Greek blogs out there, with excellent photography, amazing outfits that have nothing to envy from the bloggers abroad, and with a great attention to detail. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person recently, and talk to her, but for all of you who haven’t and want to know more about her, I asked her to give us this interview. Meet Rania and her blog, and don’t forget to follow her on her various social media accounts (You’re gonna love her Instagram account).

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daphni neofytou

When I first met Daphne two years ago I didn’t know about her blog! She introduced herself and gave me a really positive impression! She is a super happy girl with really positive vibes. If anyone asked me to give her a nickname, it would be sweetheart, because this is the first thing that comes to mind when you read her blog and see her posing so naturally in front of the camera, like she was born just to do that! So let’s meet the happy kid of the Greek blogging industry a little bit more!

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barefoot duchess - meet the blogger 4

Angeliki is definitely one of my favorite Greek fashion bloggers, and I’m really excited about the fact that she accepted to be my first interview for Stylishly Beautiful. Angeliki is a duchess of style, and she’s far from being called barefoot in real life, since she has more than 100 pairs of shoes in her collection. I love seeing her wearing dreamy midi full skirts, with tulle ones being her “weakness”, but even her casual, everyday outfits look equally amazing on her. She has a talent in creating beautiful outfits, with colors and prints tied together in harmony. There’s nothing she has worn that I didn’t like, and I must have saved more than 100 photos before deciding on the ones I chose for the collages. I love her style, and I’m sure that if we were living in the same city, we could have been very good friends (possibly ones that borrow each other’s clothes. hehe). I won’t write anything else though. I’ll let her do all the talking through her interview, and the photos tell the rest. I’m sure that you’ll also love her style and that you’ll clik on her link to check out her blog.

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