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meet the blogger - soundtrack of my e-life 1Evangelia is a very sweet and friendly girl. I’ve been reading her blog for the past few years and I always liked the way she writes. Plus, we have common interests as we both love talking and sharing our impressions about beauty products. Moreover, she started her own YouTube channel a few months ago and she’s been sharing really interesting videos. I’m happy to introduce you to Evangelia through her interview below!!

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Meet the Youtuber - Toothfairy Gardy interview
Maria is commonly known on Youtube as Toothfairy Gardy, and she has won her viewers over due to the quality of her videos, and her honesty. The frequency in which she uploads her videos on Youtube shows how much she loves what she does, and it’s surely one of the reasons why she currently has more than 20.000 subscribers on her channel. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person recently, and she’s exactly as she seems through her videos: honest, spontaneous and genuine. So we asked her 10 questions, and we invite you to read what she answered. If you don’t already follow her, you should check out the links to her social media below.

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elielizaeli youtuber 1It really is weird meeting in person someone you’ve been watching through Youtube. You may feel like you already know this person and it’s the greatest surprise of all when you realize he/she is an even better person in real life! This is what happened to me when I met Eliza who is a really sweet and funny girl with an intense personality which owns one of the biggest YouTube channels based in my city, counting over 15.000 subscribers! So let’s ask her some questions and find out interesting facts about her!

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Ελληνίδα blogger - Angie Kariofilli
Angeliki is a really sweet and polite girl, who exudes a very positive energy, and I’m happy I was able to meet her in person, recently. If you watch her videos too, you’ll see that she’s exactly as I describe her. But this is also obvious from the answers she gave to this interview. If you want to learn more about her, continue reading, and make sure to visit her blog, Youtube channel, and her various social media accounts.

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Meet the youtuber - Kate Tzoe 7- StylishlyBeautiful.com
Katerina is a delightful Greek girl that manages to lift your mood every time, through her videos. She’s the girl next door that everyone wants to be friends with, and that’s exactly how she makes you feel… Like you’re best friends, and she’s sharing with you her new purchases, her beauty secrets, and the products she loves. She has a unique energy, a positive aura which you rarely find nowadays, and that’s why I love watching all her videos. So, we asked her some questions, in order to get to know her better. Let’s see what she had to say.

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youtuber artemis samara

Artemis Samara is an energetic and passionate blonde Youtuber form Thessaloniki! The first time we heard about her was through her sister’s Youtube channel a while ago, through a tag video. Artemis started blogging at their site, Samara Sisters, and about a year ago, she created her very own channel! So let’s meet her and find out more things about her!

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Meet the Youtuber - BeautyFist07 2- StylishlyBeautiful.com
Christina is the sweet girl who’s behind the Youtube Channel BeautyFist07. She started making her own videos at the early 2013, and since then she has rightfully won the love and liking of thousands of subscribers. I won’t say more though, because she’s going to introduce herself to you through the interview she gave us. What I’ve noticed about her though, is that she doesn’t have a shred of competitiveness in her, and that’s obvious from the constant support of the work of her fellow Youtubers. And I believe that this is what makes her stand out! Let’s get to meet Christina better…

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olga petsi 1

She may be relatively new to video blogging, but she has received lots of love by her audience this past year and a half! For Olga Petsi only one word comes to mind every time I watch her videos: the calm force of the Greek Youtube community! Through her videos she likes to share beauty tips, favorite beauty products and step-by-step natural makeup techniques for all the beauty addicts out there!

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Meet the blogger - Dressing Room 1

I first met Fotini through her Υoutube channel, Dressing Room. Her expression, pleasant character and videos’ themes made a great first impression. When I met her in person, I was sure that she is a friendly, smart and nice girl. Her outfits usually have to do with famous trends but she always presents them adjusted to her own style. I’m really happy to present her interview today, in which she revealed a lot about her and her Υoutube channel. So don’t forget to take a look at her channel and check her impressive videos.

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meet the blogger marillia1

Maria is the favorite youtuber of many girls! She’s always direct with her audience, a characteristic that makes her stand out, and she’s the girl with the great humor you always wanted to have as a best friend, to also be able to raid her closet, and her cosmetics cabinet.

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