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I don’t like applying lipstick everyday or having to fix it along the day. This lip stain from The Body Shop is brilliant –  2 or 3 coats will give you a red-natural color and if you want a different color, you can buy their golden lip stain, that is also very nice! It lasts really sooo long! 

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain review

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A few months ago we shared with you our favorite red lipsticks just in time for valentine’s day. Now that spring is here for good and every dark color lives in the back of our closet, the same happens with lipsticks! The pink shades are dominating our lips and they fit our spring mood perfectly! Today we are sharing with you our favorite pink lipsticks, most of which are matte or lip stains so we can guarantee they last long!

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The red lipstick is a classic value for every woman on earth and it’s a must-have product in every boudoir since it makes our lips look bold, juicy and sexy. So, since one is never enough we gathered our favorite reds and we give you a big price range, from the cheapest to the most luxurious one. The only certain thing is that you will love them all!

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