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Meet the blogger - Sissy ValidStyle

We haven’t updated our interview column for a while, but that’s gonna change, and what better way to re-start it, by interviewing a very loveable blogger/youtuber & social media influencer, Sissy Kyriakou, aka Sissy Valid Style. We got to know Sissy through her blog, and then through her Instagram account & Youtube channel. We’d say that Sissy’s trademark is her bright pink hair, that can make every photo look amazing, but she surely stands out for her playful mood, that makes your day every time you see her, and of course her unique style. Sissy is from Thessaloniki, and owns one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Greece. We definitely had lots to ask her, so grab a cup of coffee (or tea!), and let’s get started on getting to know Sissy better through the interview she gave us.

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Katerina is a young girl who loves makeup, traveling, photography, but also the subject of her studies, mathematics. She’s sharing her love for the first 3 in the most beautiful and creative way, through her personal blog, P.S. Kate. She’s the newest member of the Stylishly Beautiful Team, and we’re happy to have her with us, since she seems to have the same spirit and vision, as the rest of the team. So we definitely wanted for you to get to know her better, and we asked her to answer a few questions for us. You can read the answers she gave us, in her interview, below.
1) Stylishly Beautiful Team (from now on SBT): Tell us a few things about yourself.

There’s not really much to say. I am 21 years old and I am a student in the Mathematics department in Patras, Greece, which is something I’ve always wanted since I was little – I know I’m crazy . Generally I consider my self as a creative person. I’ve always loved drawing, photography, and the art of make up, hence the love for blogging! Something I am crazy about is traveling! I love exploring new places!

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meet the blogger - soundtrack of my e-life 1Evangelia is a very sweet and friendly girl. I’ve been reading her blog for the past few years and I always liked the way she writes. Plus, we have common interests as we both love talking and sharing our impressions about beauty products. Moreover, she started her own YouTube channel a few months ago and she’s been sharing really interesting videos. I’m happy to introduce you to Evangelia through her interview below!!

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Meet the blogger - Our beauty wonderland“Our Beauty Wonderland” is one of my favorite blogs and I’m really happy to introduce you the girls behind it, today. Its thematology is mostly beauty posts but they are definitely interesting and inspirational. Even if you are not into beauty like us, you have the chance to find out new products and learn more about others that you are thinking of trying them out. Let’s get to meet Jenny and Gogo through their interview and make sure to follow their blog and social media accounts, too!!

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The colourful bouquet - Greek fashion blogger
Ioanna has been a fashion & beauty blogger for the past couple of years, but her love for what she does is quite obvious. Getting to know her a little bit better over the past few months, I realized how much we have in common, and that we not only have a similar character, but opinions too. Apart from blogging, she loves her job equally much. She has studied aesthetics & cosmetology and she has already started giving us advice through some guest posts she has written for Stylishly Beautiful. You should totally go read them, but not before you read the interview she gave us, to get to know her better!

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Ελληνίδα blogger - Angie Kariofilli
Angeliki is a really sweet and polite girl, who exudes a very positive energy, and I’m happy I was able to meet her in person, recently. If you watch her videos too, you’ll see that she’s exactly as I describe her. But this is also obvious from the answers she gave to this interview. If you want to learn more about her, continue reading, and make sure to visit her blog, Youtube channel, and her various social media accounts.

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S for summer interview 3- StylishlyBeautiful.com
Summer is what you’d call “the girl next door”, and as her name states she loves summer, and every year she counts the days till summer’s arrival. Creative and playful she loves writing, and she likes talking about the things that make her happy through her lifestyle blog. But I’m going to let her talk for herself, through her interview. All you have to do is read her answers and check out her blog for more.

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Meet the blogger - Travelstories from my world 1
I always admired people who love traveling. I believe you need to have a strong will and be bold, and Maria is certainly a bold travel blogger. In her blog, Travelstories from my world, she talks about her trips, the memories she created in every one of them and she gives all the information that only a good traveler knows. She conveys this love about traveling and you feel as if she also encourages you to dare to travel around the world and meet new places and people. I’m happy to introduce you to Maria through her interview below!!

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Meet the blogger - Fashionizein 5Theano is relatively new to this whole blogging world, but she had a great start and managed to quickly acquire her own readership. Her blonde super-curly hair is her characteristic that catches your attention at first, but her style is the one that’s gonna keep you coming back to her blog. Sometimes casual, sometimes girly or even rock, she expresses herself through her style, and all you have to do is follow her blog to learn more about her. Let’s get to meet Theano, through the interview she gave Stylishly Beautiful:

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Meet the blogger - Fairies of Beauty 1

Ioanna is undoubtedly one of the most notable greek bloggers who writes about beauty and fashion. I haven’t met her in person yet but I have been admiring and reading her blog, Fairies of Beauty, all these years. She is that kind of girl who will talk honestly about the products she has tried but she will suggest for a trial, only the ones that are worthy. Moreover, she will probably be the one to inform you about every new release, because she is sure that you are going to be as happy as she is about it. I’m happy to introduce you Ioanna through her interview below!!

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