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Lorenzo Liverani joined the bloggosphere in 2012 and the international success was granted. Visitors came from Brazil, USA, Germany, Spain and Asia to explore his unique style. His passion for fashion is what characterizes him, as he believes that through our clothes we appeal to our personality without even having to talk. Through his successful blog Your Mirror Style, he has achieved collaborations with famous brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Chopard and even with magazines such as the widely known GQ. I saw some of Lorenzo’s outfits on Lookbook.nu for the first time and I was so impressed -a nd still am – by his style and distinctive aesthetic. Have you visited his blog yet?

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When it comes to fashion everyone has to be kept updated. Rumor has it that men don’t spend as many hours as women to be stylish. Lately, men are likely to be more interested in their style and willing to try new looks. We can really help them by suggesting some celebrity influenced styles. So today I am going to show you how to achieve a charming outfit for work or for a night out with friends.

Get the look - Ryan Reynolds

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zara man l

The Lookbook of the autumn collection was uploaded on ZARA.COM last week. This collection consists mainly of formal lines with small specifications that can make a formal outfit comfortable and convenient for every day. For example a pair of sports shoes, or/and a backpack along with a suit is the perfect combination for each day, as seen on international catwalks. A perfect description for this collection could be “Elegance and comfort”. The colors are black, dark blue, grey, khaki, brown and dark green. You can find the entire collection on ZARA’s official website and stores. Take a look at the lookbook for this autumn:

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Do you fill your trousers’ pockets with your cellphones, wallets and other tiny stuff? Unfortunately, guys, storing various objects in your pockets leads to ruining your trousers despite the quality of the fabric. Document holders give a solution to this problem which can accommodate almost everything: your house keys, your wallet and even your tablet. Apart from this, briefcases give a sophisticated style to your outfit (e.g. “I work at the office”) and by holding it you will succeed being effortlessly stylish and elegant at the same time! As seen on the international catwalks, document holders will play a crucial roll in men’s accessories for the 2014-2015 season. First on this act was Dior (Homme) followed by Raf Simons and Marc Jacobs designs.

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Dior Homme SS14

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