5 + 1 Shirts for men

5 + 1 Shirts for men

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Basic Shirts for menWhen it comes to fashion, you can always play around with trends, shades, patterns and textures. The secret is to make a combination using a basic piece and then create different versions of it. For men, one of my favorites and classy pieces, is the shirt. If you have a rock style, wear an unbuttoned plaid shirt with a t-shirt inside. If you are looking for a sophisticated look, a white or a dark blue one worn with a sweater is your solution. If you are a businessman or you like dressing like one, wear a tie with the sweater. For a night out, a black shirt will make you look irresistible. Whatever your choice is, today I’m showing you five shirts which should exist in every man’s wardrobe, plus one with lovely details.

From top to bottom vertically: Zara | Esprit | H&M | Gant | Bianconero | Lee

All photos are from the products’ sites

Collage made by me



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