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Bloggers we love - Studs and Sapphires 1Lillian Babaian is the girl behind the Studs and Sapphires blog based in Los Angeles. She has always loved everything about fashion and working in the industry gave her the opportunity to start her own blog so she can share her outfits and style ideas with her beloved readers. I discovered her through Instagram and I found her account very inspirational. Her style is ladylike, chic and a little bit sassy with classic touches. She loves playing with different styles, jeweled accessories and leather. Check out her style in the photos below and make sure to visit her blog!!

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The Greek Zina Charkoplia lives and works as a buyer in Barcelona. She was buying Vogue from an early age acquiring enough inspiration to start her personal style blog named Fashion Vibe. She created her blog to join other fashionistas all over the world and explore the deeper meaning of fashion through that. On the international fashion weeks, her minimal casual-chic outfits always catch the attention of the streetstyle photographers, as she is now famous for her excellent sense of style. Last year, her award in Marie Claire Blog Awards Greece was undoubtedly another successful time for Zina and we have nothing to do but wish her the best, because she is making us proud from abroad. Before you visit Fashion Vibe, explore Zina’s distinctive style through some of the characteristic photos we picked:

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Meet the blogger - Red Rose Cheeks 2- StylishlyBeautiful.comI’ve been reading Katerina’s blog for many years, and I was always impressed, not only because of her lovely and unique style that definitely makes her stand out, but also because of the amazing photos it has. She has a great love for her blog, and that’s obvious from her work and her photos. Apart from fashion she also loves traveling, and she makes sure to take us with her on her trips through her well-written and well-photographed posts. So, meet Katerina and make sure to visit her blog and her social media accounts. 

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Bloggers we love - Retro Flame 1Erika Fox is a classic and beautiful Irish girl currently living in New York City. She is the owner of the personal style blog Retro Flame from 2013. Through that she is sharing her passion about fashion, her travels and her inspirations. She loves vintage style and especially the accessories. She also has a thing for shoes like every other girl in the world. You will mainly see her in a streetstyle look because she totally love this style and it gives her the opportunity to create  combinations by putting new and old things from her wardrobe together. Something you may not know about her is that she is really good at DIY, especially when it comes to her clothes. Take a look below and don’t forget to check out her blog for more!!

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Meet the blogger- Fashion Addict 1
Even though Olympia is very young, she is the kind of girl that has a very good sense of style. She is always updated when it comes to fashion and she is never going to follow any trend blindly but she will “wear” it in her own way. Her personal style has many rock elements but there are some romantic, too. Learn more about her, through today’s interview and don’t forget to check out her blog, Fashion Addict.

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Bloggers we love -  Vogue Haus 1Barbora Ondrackova is the girl behind the Vogue Haus blog. She may be only 19 years old but she is one of the TOP 10 Fashion blogs in Czech Republic for 2014! She never hides her passion for fashion and her dream to be a fashion designer or a stylist in the future. Her style is minimalistic with rock or classic details. The thing I love the most about her is her dark colored outfits as she has stated how much she loves the color black. She also likes to combine different textures and materials, with leather being her most worn material. Until now, she has collaborated with well-known companies such as H&M, Calzedonia, Topshop, Romwe etc. and who knows what else she has in store for the near future. You can definitely get inspired by her style so don’t forget to check out her blog!!

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The Gentleman Blogger SB 1

Matthew Zorpas is from Cyprus, based in London, a graduate of the Public Relations department of the London College of Communications and founder of The Gentleman Blogger. Before creating his blog he had several collaborations as a press assistant for brands like Vivienne Westwood and Saatchi Saatchi. Of course, his collaborations with international fashion houses didn’t stop there, as he created his personal blog: Gucci, DSquared2 and Dolce & Gabbana are just a few of them. His personal style is based on blending classic and modern items of clothing and has been featured in the British Esquire for this – he was selected as the second best-dressed man in Britain. Some of the highlights in Matthew’s career  are of course the book he released titled: London 100, A Gentleman’s Guide, which you can buy here and his position as a teacher at respected UK universities such as Instituto Marangoni. Explore the world through the eyes of the elegant blogger and enterpreneur now then on thegentlemanblogger.com after viewing the small preview we have prepared for you:

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Bloggers we love -  Be Sugar and Spice 1

There are some bloggers whom I’ve been following almost from the beginning. Lara is one of them with her blog Be Sugar and Spice. She is from Madrid and she has a degree in psychology. Her style is casual and girly but you will see some preppy, more feminine and office appropriate outfits, too. If you ask her what she loves the most, the answer will definitely be accessories. She likes creating a variety of combinations and accessories are the most suitable pieces for that. She is a sweet girl with a very inspirational style. I’m sure after this post, you will check out her blog everyday like I do!!

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Meet the blogger - Dressing Room 1

I first met Fotini through her Υoutube channel, Dressing Room. Her expression, pleasant character and videos’ themes made a great first impression. When I met her in person, I was sure that she is a friendly, smart and nice girl. Her outfits usually have to do with famous trends but she always presents them adjusted to her own style. I’m really happy to present her interview today, in which she revealed a lot about her and her Υoutube channel. So don’t forget to take a look at her channel and check her impressive videos.

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Bloggers we love -  Song of Style 1

Aimee Song is the girl behind the amazing Song of Style blog. She started it in 2008 while studying Interior Architecture. She was always interested in both interior design and fashion but in the beginning she intended to start a decor blog but after her outfit posts got a good response, she put a new column with her personal style into place. Moreover, she managed to combine these two aspects of her life by designing her own jewelry line in collaboration with Bloomingdale’s. She also owns a Youtube channel in which you will find not only fashion related videos, but also some about design inspiration and DIY. Her style is easy going and colorful, a mix and match of styles. She has her way of following a trend by adding girly or sporty details to her looks. Take a look at her style below and make sure to check her blog out, too!!!

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