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During a trip to a cold weather region, and having very sensitive lip skin, I found myself without any lip balm – and believe me, lip balm is something I always carry with me. A bit desperate (joking; desperate is to be homeless) I saw a Sephora store in front of me and entered to buy a lip balm. What have I found?  This gorgeous set of lip glosses!

Sephora lip glosses Review

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Over the past years many women started wearing the dark lipstick during winter and as the time goes by there are more women who dare to wear it! Personally, I absolutely love it and I think that it’s a must have for every make-up bag! If the dark lipstick scares you, you can always start with a dark bordeaux shade but if you are like me and you like being in the spotlight you should look for purple and why not, black shades! So let’s see the best dark shades to wear this winter!

5 best dark lipsticks

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I know many people prefer matte lipsticks, and I find them very beautiful, too, but apart from one brand, it’s very difficult for me to wear a matte lipstick – unfortunately, my lips are so sensitive, that many times testing/wearing some lipsticks or even glosses lead me to remove skin with tweezers, no joke. So I normally wear lip glosses and balms and here are three of them – Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm, Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss and Sephora Glossy Gloss.

Clarins, Clinique and Sephora lip glosses review

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Some day while walking right in front of the gorgeous big Sephora store on ChampsElysées in Paris I told myself “no, please don’t enter there!” You know, I meant not to surrender to one more makeup shopping afternoon, but I can never resist Sephora – can you?

Sephora 54 colors palette review - Stylishly Beautiful

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