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Kiehl’s Since 1851 welcomes two new additions to its world-renowned Creme de Corps family – Creme de Corps Smoothing Oil-to-Foam Body Cleanser and Creme de Corps Dry Body Oil. (PRNewsfoto/Kiehl's Since 1851)

Kiehl’s just released two new skincare products as an addiction to its famous body care line. The Creme de Corps line includes a super nourishing body moisturizer, a lightweight body lotion and the soy milk & honey body polish. From now on, you will be able to find two more effective oil-based formulas. 

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LUSH Oatifix fresh face mask reviewI can’t believe I hadn’t talked to you yet, about the Oatifix fresh face mask by Lush. It was the first time I tried it myself, and I really loved it. It has a very unusual texture compared to other masks I’ve tried it. This one is very thick and (I’ll be honest) kind of difficult to apply. But when you manage to apply it, it leaves your skin feeling super soft, and hydrated so it’s definitely worth it. Because it has fresh ingredients inside like ground almonds and oats (obviously, haha, hence the name), it kind of exfoliates your skin at the same time when you remove it. It also smells amazing; so much that it would be difficult to restrain yourself and not try to eat it. Being a fresh mask means that it must be stored in the fridge and it has an expiration date of about a month (you will find its expiration date under the box). You’ll get around 5-8 uses out of it, depending on the use you do, it costs 10€ (in Greece. The price might be lower or higher in other countries), and you can find it on Lush stores worldwide.

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Artistry Hydra-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream review

I’ve been using this Refreshing Eye Gel Cream for a few months now, and I love how hydrated my under eye skin feels after using it. It’s really refreshing, it has a gel formula, which is to apply directly from the tube, it has very nice packaging, and enough product to last for months. It does not irritate my eyes and it doesn’t have a distinct scent so it’s perfect for me. If you’re looking for a hydrating gel cream for your eyes, then you should check it out. You can find at Amway’s website or individual sellers worldwide.

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Kiehl's creamy eye treatment review

Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado oil is an amazing product. It can be used under and around the eyes with safety, as it doesn’t migrate into the eyes, and leaves the area soft and deeply hydrated. It also helps with dark circles, if used regularly. Use it every night before your serum & moisturizing cream, and you’ll definitely see a difference. The only disadvantage I can find is that it comes in a jar instead of a tube, but even this way, it lasts a long time.

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The Sublime Energy duo from French skin care brand RoC is a night treatment system that lists the patented E-Pulse component as a cosmetic electric stimulation, and it says it gives thousands of electrical pulses to your skin when the two creams are used together. It promises to make your skin’s regenerative process more efficient and if used for a good period of time (which every night cream recommends, till a person can see good results) it significantly decreases sagging skin, brown spots and wrinkles, giving you firmness and an even toned skin, and very, very soft feel. After using it, it is even easier to apply foundation; it really runs through the face in a so soft and silky way!

RoC Sublime Energy duo night cream Review

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Magazines are a great source of recommendations – sometimes really good, sometimes superfluous. I read about this serum and wanted it – but I am still deciding the category that Astalift Brightening Serum belongs to.

Astalift - brighteining serum - review

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