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Spring/Summer 2016

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FENDI Eyeshine SS 2016 Eyewear Collection

One of the most iconic and most popular styles for this spring/summer are the Fendi Eyshine sunglasses. If you love statement eyewear you’re gonna love them! Featuring round lenses with a metal cat eye frame, which stands out of the lenses, they combine two classic styles in one more modern shape. The new futuristic and minimal shades come with mirrored lenses and an engraved Fendi logo on the sides. They are available in 4 colors: black, white, gold and aqua blue. French Canadian singer and songwriter Béatrice Martin, known by her stage name Coeur de Pirate, is Fendi’s new eyewear ambassador, who stars in their new video campaign, which you can watch below!

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One of the most beloved accessory for men and women are the sunglasses, because we can use them throughout the whole year. I’ll have to apologize from the male audience but this article is for my girls! Many different designs for sunglasses for every facial shape. Retro, vintage, round, aviator and the well-known cat eyes that enhance your feminine side! Going through all the sunglasses I can say that I am impressed by the wide variety of new designs as well as some more classic ones like the Ray Ban Aviator that withstand the passage of time. Sunglasses, the hottest of them all, for your eyes only!!

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steve madden 4A fresh new week, a much hotter week than the previews ones, has just begun and I believe that this is the best topic to talk about. You could think how can I be so sure about that? Going through different magazines and a quick search over the internet you will see by yourself that the amazing creations of Steve Madden are the “hottest” creations that you can find at the shoe industry!! High-heels, wedges and flats in a variety of designs and colors, with the sandals that remind us of the ancient Greece standing out, a trend that has become very popular all over the world. Also sandals known as pom-pom are a safe choice for this summer! I will now stop babbling and I’ll let you enjoy the amazing creations of the famous designer Steve Madden for Spring/Summer 2016!

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Denim Fever - Shopping guide

Denim isn’t exactly a trend; it’s an all-year-long fever, which has many fanatics around the world. It’s meant to be casual-wear but, you can totally dress it up for a night out. I’m sure that all of us have more than a couple denim pieces in our closet. However, in today’s guide, we gathered some of the most popular denim pieces for this season: The denim skirt, the off-the-shoulder dress, mom jeans, dungarees, jacket, vest, and of course the all-time-classics, shorts, especially ripped ones. Are you all equipped, or need to go shopping? You’ll find all the links below! 😉

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mcm 1
Today’s article is dedicated to MCM and its unique creations! I must admit that despite my knowledge in fashion, I got to know this company better only a year ago, because of its increased popularity from its loyal supporters. The main feature of the company is the use of leather materials, which give a special shine under the light, due to the quality of the leather used and the physical enrichment with gold and silver studs. Due to this type of leather, the company became really popular to the public. I would describe its designs as particularly eccentric, nevertheless who wouldn’t want to get one? Despite the steep prices, the company grows daily and remains one of the best companies worldwide!

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Moschino spring-summer 2016

My current article is exclusively dedicated to Moschino!! As all companies, this one is divided into three main lines. An haute couture line by Moschino, the “Cheap and Chic” line and last but not least, the “Love Moschino” line. All of them are high quality, but the last two can be found in much more affordable prices. The company was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino. After his death, the company passed to Rossella Jardini. Nowadays, and since 2013, Jeremy Scott is the person responsible for these unique and remarkable creations. What makes this company unique? But of course the unique talent of Jeremy Scott, who was able to convert a simple everyday habit into works of art. Who would have believed that a McDonald’s happy meal, or a simple cleaning product (that we certainly all have in our house), let alone the well-known to all of us Barbie, could inspire a company to launch handbags, shoes and clothes with these logos. So today I am pleased to present to you, the latest and very innovative creations of house Moschino for Spring/Summer 2016.

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Trends pom pom sandals - Spring summer 2016

Pom pom sandals are another trend that the big brands have started and smaller ones followed and interpreted their own way. If it isn’t the trend of the season, it is soon going to be. They’re especially popular in our country, Greece, now that the summer season has officially started. And they’re going to be seen on every street & every alley of our islands and mainland. They combine the comfiness of the simple flat leather sandals that are so popular during summer, with the trendiness of lace up sandals, with colorful details such as pom poms to make them stand out even more. I’m not personally a fan of them; they’re too extravagant for me, although I wouldn’t object to me having the heeled white version of the Aquazurra ones, but they’re really popular among many others. What’s your opinion? Are you buying yourself pom pom sandals this season?

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Go to have florals - Shopping guideFlorals for spring/summer are such a cliché, I know, but spring is indeed the season of blossoms and colors, so it really fits. I wasn’t much of a lover of florals myself, but I have converted over the past few years, and now I simply love them. Pretty much as every season trend, you see florals pretty much everywhere; on clothes, shoes, bags, even sunglasses and other accessories. Printed or embroidered they are the factor that catches your attention and takes your breath away. I only gathered a small sample of florals to show you today, but they’re everywhere you look. I tried to cover all areas, by incuding: a dress, a swimsuit, a pair of shorts, a pair of sandals, a skirt, a romper, a clutch and finally, sunglasses. Aren’t they all gorgeous? You can shop for them, below!

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Simoni Textile Designs Spring-Summer 2016 CushionsThe textile designer and creator of the brand, Simoni Textile Designs, Simoni Papaefstathiou, creates for the first time a small collection of hand-woven cushions.

The colors are inspired by the sea and are mostly in beige and blue tones. The fabrics are made of different kinds of threads and yarns mainly with textures that create a boho mood that fits into summer.

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Michael Kors Spring-summer 2016 bagsI could say so many things for this man… I could be talking to you for hours… Just to inform you; I am not gonna be objective!! Starting with the design of his first collection in 1981 and until today, he has not deviated from his goal, which is quality and affordable for the time values ​​(perhaps this move led him to the bankruptcy of his company in 1993). However he continued to generously provide us with his inspired creations, until today. Artworks adorning every part of your body. I do not know what else I could tell you… Maybe I could use a Chinese proverb: one picture speaks a thousand words… Enjoy the new collection: Spring-Summer 2016!!

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