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Elemento 41 cafe bistro Alexandroupoli

I recently traveled to Alexandroupoli and while I was there, I discovered a really cute café/bistro in the center of the city, which also has a colorful patio, in the center of a block of flats, making this place even more special. It also has plenty of room inside to sit and enjoy your coffee/tea/dessert in the winter, but when the weather is nice I’d definitely recommend its patio. You can even go there by yourself to read a book in peace or work from your computer. It has a wide range of food and desserts to choose from, and also hot or cold beverages. If you ever find yourself in Alexandroupoli, make sure to visit it.

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Off the shoulder trend summer 2016

As far as trends go, the off-the-shoulder one is by far one of the biggest, concerning women’s fashion. The boho trend from last year is still going strong and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are literally everywhere right now. One visit to your local stores will convince you. I must confess that I have already fallen for this trend, and I’ve bought a few pieces already, but I’d like to buy a few more, if I’m completely honest. Totally off-the-shoulder, with thin straps, detachable sleeves, tops or dresses, they’re here to stay. Are you going to indulge into this summer’s biggest trend? Here are some options for you!

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For the ones who are going to spend summer on beaches or swimming pools, makeup may be a concern – foundations don’t match with the word water. Powder definitely not, but at least you can wear mascaras that will keep you stylish and beautiful and won’t let you down when you go for a dive – they are waterproof! So let’s see the ones that you can wear, with splurge & save prices, so that no one will be without a waterproof mascara on vacations. Choose your favorite!

Waterproof mascaras - swim with confidence

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Summer season is finally here, and it’s time to talk about a subject that concerns most women, which is hair removal methods. We’re going to analyze the pros and cons of each method and find which one is the best for you. Let’s see them one by one!

Hair removal methods - which one is for you 2

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I spend many hours during the day with my phone! I think I am kind of addicted to Facebook and Instagram, maybe a little more with Insta! I love searching for new people to follow and the past weeks I found some super talented make up artists and I love their little video tutorials. Just follow them and get inspired!

sara hil mua

Sara Hii is by far my favorite! She looks like an expensive china doll and I love her videos about lipstick swatches and how to create the perfect eyeliner wing!

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There is only half a month left for June to come and the sun already burns, so it’s the perfect time for us to choose the best sun protection which we’ll use during summer months! We should use protection all year long but in case we wear foundation and moisturizing creamσ with SPF we are kind of covered, but during summer we need the greatest sun protection to avoid burning, wrinkles and flecks! Today I am presenting you my all time favorite sun screens which I’ve used and loved with Frezyderm being the number one for me!

best sunscreens 3


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A few months ago we shared with you our favorite red lipsticks just in time for valentine’s day. Now that spring is here for good and every dark color lives in the back of our closet, the same happens with lipsticks! The pink shades are dominating our lips and they fit our spring mood perfectly! Today we are sharing with you our favorite pink lipsticks, most of which are matte or lip stains so we can guarantee they last long!

best pink lipsticks 1Is any of these lipsticks your favorite too?



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The leather jacket issue 1

This is a transitional season and everybody is confused about what to wear because of the crazy weather. Men are simpler when it comes to fashion but they still want a fashionable outfit without getting cold. One basic and timeless piece is the leather jacket. It may look like there is only one classic way to wear it, with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of all stars. However, there are so many other ways.  For a rock style, you can wear it the classic way by changing the all stars with a pair of boots. For a sporty look, you only need a hoodie.  Combining a shirt with your leather jacket, will upgrade your look to a more formal one. Jamie Dornan wore his leather jacket with a tie and a vest, which is definitely a stunning suggestion, don’t you agree? Sometimes, celebrities’ style is a great inspirational source so today’s post is all about it!!

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If you are looking for a way to upgrade your boring outfit, if you want a stylish accessory to match your already stylish clothes, or anyway, if you want to stand out, I have the solution: wear a hat! It makes you feel like an Italian gorgeous woman or like a New York fashionista! I found many stylish hats for you, all from Asos but you can also find nice hats at H&M from time to time. You can also steal some style ideas from our favorite bloggers and wear your hat like they did! So what are you waiting for? Invest in a hat!

asos hats stylish

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Since 1990, the Pantone Color Institute picks what is called Color of the Year. It’s not randomly picked, on the contrary. It is a matter of an extensive research till they get to the color that will be announced. This year, the color is Marsala – a burgundy/brown shade, already shown here.
Have you already picked your Marsala items for this spring? Here are some ideas!
Marsala picks for spring 2015

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