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Toi & Moi new collection

The Greek clothing company Toi & Moi, has already launched its summer collection, and recently we had some new arrivals that came to add more choices to their summer collection. These new pieces can cover many styles from casual, chic, boho, and retro and yuo can find them in Toi & Moi shops all over Greece, and also online on their e-shop.

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despoina vandi 1

We got to meet Despoina Vandi through her songs, and her successful career… We also saw her as a TV presenter, and a judge at a music show… Nowadays, she continues to attract our attention as a new and promising designer, who just launched her first line with her own name. In the past she’s worked with other designers for lines bearing her name, but this is the first one of her personal brand. In a previous article, I showed you some caftans from her collection, but I couldn’t miss out on showing you the rest of Despoina Vandi’s collection. This is her collection for Summer 2016. Enjoy!

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sissy christidou1

I think that for a long time now I have been praising foreign designers only, leaving the Greek designers who strive for the best, for more quality pieces at the best possible prices considering our economy, aside (unfortunately). Sissy Christidou is therefore one of the many who is trying to inspire us and impress us! Although we got to know her as a TV presenter a few years back, she never hid her love for fashion. She first started a children’s clothing line and due to its great success she also started a women’s collection which has become a fast-seller! Cool, revealing dresses, tunics in amazing designs and colors, and stars that adorn many of the accessories and clothes are enough to convince you to follow Sissy Christidou. So here is her collection for Summer 2016!

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New Summer Perfumes 2016Every season, companies from all over the world release new perfumes and it’s always so chaotic with the big amount of it, that we sometimes lose sight of the greatest ones. This summer, we searched and found three unique perfumes that deserve at least a trial. The Calvin Klein CK One Gold is a limited edition and a unisex one. It’s fresh, juicy and woody and we suggest it because sometimes we love to have the same scent with our man (let’s admit it girls). The Crush by Rihanna is a sensual and playful one. Some of its notes are bergamot, mandarin, pink rose, musk, cedarwood and patchouli, combined in that way so it can leave a strong impression. Last but not least DKNY Be Tempted, an oriental fragrance for women. It’s also similar to 2004’s Be Delicious. We love it because of its delicate aroma, which is a result of notes like devil licorice accord, red fruit accord, lemon, white sap apple accord, rose, violet, orange blossom, patchouli, vanilla and myrrh. So, when you find them in stores, don’t forget to check them out!

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How to wear an off-the-shoulder top_from day to night

In our recent shopping guide, we talked about the greatest trend of this summer, the off-the-shoulders one. Today, I created one chic but still comfortable look and depending on the accessories you can transform it from day to night. Most of you, want a cool look in the morning with just the basic pieces, so a watch is more than enough. On the contrary, at night you can easily add a ring and wear a pair of high heels for a sexier outfit. This is just our suggestion but don’t miss the chance to get at least one off-the-shoulder top and feel free to create your own combination based on this piece!!

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axileas accessories

Every year the same question: what comes after having chosen the right swimsuit?? Summer is already here girls and with it come the endless hours at the nearest beach!! Making a small list I realized that there are still a few things that are missing for a stylish appearance at the beach! There are endless choices of caftans, tunics, dresses and shorts in different designs and fabrics!! Floral, monochrome and gossamer. Despoina Vandi (a Greek singer) assumes the role of fashion designer which is a whole different path than the ones we are used to! As a fashion designer Despoina Vandi presents an alternative and astonishing fashion line for the beach! Nonetheless other fashion designers have done a fantastic job for this summer too! Once more the company known as MED is at the top of my choices because of the company’s sexy fashion styles!! Beach outfit 2016!! For your eyes only!!

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Essie Summer 2016 collection

The new Essie Summer collection 2016 is inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s travels to Antigua. It includes 6 new shades in bright & some shimmery colors that you’re going to rock this summer. Coconut Cove is a really nice off-white hue, Berried Treasure a coral pink one, Hiking Heels a coral/orange, Loot the Booty is a beautiful blue hue with iridescent flakes in purple and turquoise, Viva Antigua! a pretty mint/turquoise one, also with iridescent flakes, and last but not least, Tribal Text-Styles the darkest one of the collection, which can easily be worn throughout the year, is a onyx/gray hue with nice shimmers. What’s your pick for this season’s collection?

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men swimwear - shopping guide 1When it comes to men’s fashion, usually there are some specific trends. Like their swimwear, this summer is all about intense colors and patterns. The most sought after shades are the blue and green ones but don’t be afraid to pick a pink or a red hue. Floral and geometrical patterns are also a good choice if you are looking for something less minimal. Personally, I don’t like the really tight ones, so in today’s shopping guide, you are going to see some shorts or bermuda shorts swimwear!!

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AtoZGreek Special Collection - Summer 2016

Greek women with dazzling personalities that have left their mark in history, carving a distinctive path. The new special collection of beach accessories from the brand AtoZGreek is inspired by Maria, Melina and Nana, who traveled the Greek spirit worldwide, through their exceptional talent.

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