Essie Summer collection 2016

Essie Summer collection 2016

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Essie Summer 2016 collection

The new Essie Summer collection 2016 is inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s travels to Antigua. It includes 6 new shades in bright & some shimmery colors that you’re going to rock this summer. Coconut Cove is a really nice off-white hue, Berried Treasure a coral pink one, Hiking Heels a coral/orange, Loot the Booty is a beautiful blue hue with iridescent flakes in purple and turquoise, Viva Antigua! a pretty mint/turquoise one, also with iridescent flakes, and last but not least, Tribal Text-Styles the darkest one of the collection, which can easily be worn throughout the year, is a onyx/gray hue with nice shimmers. What’s your pick for this season’s collection?

Essie Summer 2016 collection Berried Treasure Essie Summer 2016 collection  Coconut Cove Essie Summer 2016 collection Hiking Heels Essie Summer 2016 collection - Viva Antigua! Essie Summer 2016 collection Essie Summer 2016 collection Essie Summer 2016 collection Loot the Booty - Viva Antiqua

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Essie Summer 2017 collection

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