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blogger christy and the city

I first met Christy in person about a year ago and the fact that she said whatever she was thinking really impressed me! One year later I am a big fan of her sharp mind and mouth because it’s important to say your opinion! I also am a fan of her style, which I would describe as minimal with many inspiring touches. She loves black and wears it all year long and I think her favorite item is a hat! So let’s see her answers to my 12 questions and get to meet her better!

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Meet the blogger - Notebook of Claire 1

Kleoniki is the 3rd member of the Stylishly Beautiful Team to be interviewed by the rest of the team. We’re half way there, to finish our own interviews, and start with those of other bloggers. So let’s get to know Kleoniki of Notebook of Claire, a little bit better today:

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