Meet the blogger | Stylebows

Meet the blogger | Stylebows

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Maria is the 5th member of our team, and we hope you love her as much as we do, through her interview below:

1) Stylishly Beautiful Team (from now on SBT): Tell us a few things about yourself.

Maria: I am Maria, born and raised in Thessaloniki. I studied fashion design and styling, I am 24 years old and I am totally obsessed with my dream, traveling around the world. My obsession is so big that every morning I check for great hotel deals no matter I won’t travel anywhere. I work every summer and during winter I focus on my blog, the worldwide and beyond our galaxy famous, Stylebows which I hope that one day will be a full time job and not just a hobby!

2) SBT: How did you decide to create your blog?

 Maria: The idea of creating a blog was a random thought and I decided it during a night when I first found out about ‘’The blonde salad’’. I read it all in just one night. When I woke up I was so jealous of that blonde Italian girl and I thought with my innocent mind…Why can’t I do it too?

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3) SBT: What inspired the name of your blog?

Maria: I confess that it was a quick decision and if I had the chance, I would change it, but it’s too late 😛 Definitely, the name was inspired by my all time favorite bows.

 4) SBT: Which are the 5 key pieces, in your opinion, everyone should have in their closet?

 Maria: I am not the right person to answer this question cause I don’t really own key pieces. But if you insist I will say a pair of black boots, a pair of all stars, a gray or black coat, cozy and warm knits in many colors and cotton t-shirts with loose shape.

5) SBT: How would you describe your style?

Maria: Definitely girly, always with pops of pink, usually casual, but sometimes I dress like a fairy.

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6) SBT: What would be your advice to a girl who wants to look stylish?

Maria: To dress according to her body-type and give a bit more attention to the accessories. I would also suggest to all of you, to buy a dark purple or oxblood lipstick; it’s the perfect match for every stylish look!

7) SBT: What’s “blogging” for you?

Maria: Well it’s just an excuse to say I have a job! I am kidding of course. It’s my creative getaway, the only way to practice the things I studied and it’s my hope to inspire many girls with my body-type to dress stylishly!

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8) SBT: What would you advise someone who wants to start blogging?

 Maria: My main advice is that you need to focus on your target, follow a schedule and have nice and interesting things to show!

9) SBT: What would you say is the best and the worst part of blogging?

Maria: The best thing is that I have something to do, something I love! I also met great people through the blog and now I have new friends to share my passion! The worst thing is the bad mood I have every time I see that almost every Greek company, doesn’t really count you as a blogger, unless you live in Athens!

10) SBT: What are your plans for the future?

Maria: I want to gain new experiences and travel the world as a blogger with international collaborations and, as I said previously, I want this to be a full time job!

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10 + 1) SBT: Our final question is: Tell us a few things we may not know about you.

 Maria: Well my old readers might know that I love cats. Now, I think that I reached the crazy cat lady level, since I have 14 cats! Another fact that you may or may not know, is that I wear hair extensions for over a year!


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A design and styling college graduate, Maria's dream was always to enter the fashion world! But since life isn't as easy as it looks like, she found a way to steal some fashion-fairydust... She created her personal style fashion blog called Stylebows and she is chasing her dreams with passion! She also is a travel-lover, she wants to see the world and she already started by visiting European capitals..but this is just the beginning! Maria is an Instagram and social media addict and you can find her almost 24 hours a day online!


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