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You should follow - @ofleatherandlaceTina Lee is the girl behind @ofleatherandlace blog & Instagram account. Tina is a fashion & travel blogger, who has just a tad less than 100k followers on Instagram and I’m sure she’ll easily surpass that number very soon, since her profile is amazing. She travels the world and takes beautiful photos along the way. Apart from beautiful scenery though, you should follow her for gorgeous fashion as well. Her style is truly amazing! So if you like these photos, make sure to visit her profile to see more!

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Meet the blogger - Travelstories from my world 1
I always admired people who love traveling. I believe you need to have a strong will and be bold, and Maria is certainly a bold travel blogger. In her blog, Travelstories from my world, she talks about her trips, the memories she created in every one of them and she gives all the information that only a good traveler knows. She conveys this love about traveling and you feel as if she also encourages you to dare to travel around the world and meet new places and people. I’m happy to introduce you to Maria through her interview below!!

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Meet the blogger - Aspects of Style 6- StylishlyBeautiful.com
I’m a really old reader of Anna’s blog and I recently had the chance to meet her in person, in Thessaloniki. Anna’s blog stands out from the other blogs because she not only posts about her personal style, but also about her travels, which she loves so much. She has visited many different countries and cities, and through her posts, you can visit them too. Her blog has evolved a lot through the years, and her love for photography is definitely noticeable, as her blog photos have a really unique aesthetic and can win you over, along with her well-written articles of course. So let’s get to meet Anna through the questions we asked her, and don’t forget to follow Anna’s blog, and her social media accounts too! 

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La Carmina

La Carmina is a travel journalist and fashion blogger, specializing in offbeat stories about Tokyo and Asia. She wrote 3 books about J-pop culture, and hosts travel TV shows for networks including TLC, Food Network, Discovery, National Geographic and Travel Channel. La Carmina and her film crew shoot travel episodes about youth trends, style and subcultures worldwide, in destinations like Abu Dhabi, Israel, Taiwan and Cape Town. See more of La Carmina’s colorful style and travel guides on her popular website, Lacarmina.com.

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