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Summer is soon reality 🙂 and so, trips, holidays and the new trend, although well known, is “island life” – what would you wear on an island? Now you can wear nearly the same items in the city and you are already updated! Although many already wear these now “trend(y) items” for years, it’s now officially a trend for this summer and so, with the many amazing islands in Greece and all over the world, let’s see what’s offered by some popular online stores:

island life - what to wear

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Ethnic – boho style is always a great way to spice up spring or summer outfits, with color and a bit of mystery 🙂 It’s nice to wear a comfy, casual, summery outfit for the beach, a music festival or just a stroll in the city, to meet friends and spend a nice day! Color leaves people good humored! So let’s see what you can wear with white kimonos and denim shorts, and not only, of course! You may like one or more of this colorful selection of bags!

Ethnic bags for a boho summer

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If anyone asks me for my favorite trend of the year I will say the fringes! Since the boho style is totally back this season and the 70’s look is dominating fashion, fringes are the star in my heart! Do not hesitate to wear fringes in every possible version, but if you are not brave enough you can always invest in a bag and a pair of fringed shoes! Personally I already own a bag and I am planning to buy a fringed jacket with a wild west feel to it!

asos fringed

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While reviewing the trends of this winter I noticed that there was a huge comeback of a certain type of boots: the over-the-knee and sometimes thigh-high boots. They used to be in fashion when I was in high school which means ages ago and as a blind follower of trends I bought a flat pair of this kind of boots back then! I now see that it was wrong for me to wear them since they are not really appropriate for my body type. I really like this trend but I think that it is a bit restricting since you need to be thin and maybe tall to make these boots look good. I picked some boots to show you (all from Greek shoe companies) and some pictures of how fashion bloggers rocked the trend!

sante shoes over the knee boots

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