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Look of the day - wedding guestWedding season is not over. Especially in Greece, since summer is far from over, and everyone is back to their cities from their summer vacations, so weddings are in a full mode. So today’s recommendation will be about attending a wedding, as a guest. You’re not supposed to wear white on a wedding, but what about a nice floral dress, in white as the basic color. I think the floral print takes the “rule” out, and makes it ok to do so. Combine it with a floral bag in a similar print to take the looks away from white even more. For shoes though, I’d definitely go with white, since it’s the most suitable solution, and you don’t want to overdo it with all these prints. Choose a pair of long earrings, a silver cuff bracelet, or both, and you’re covered on the jewelry department. A nice updo, is the best hairstyle for this season, since it’s still super hot, but it can be windy from time to time. Choose a nice red lipstick to finish off your look, and go enjoy the wedding.

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Last week we had the pleasure of introducing to you an online store, with beautiful wedding dresses, called Pickweddingdresses. Our lovely editor Denise talked to you thoroughly about the e-shop, the available options, and the benefits of shopping from them. So today, what I’m going to do is stick to my favorite dresses from the shop and to how I’ve imagined my own wedding to be (let’s face it, we have all done this at some point in our lives).

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