The women’s blazer issue

The women’s blazer issue

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The blazer issue 1

Spring is officially here and maybe it’s time to leave our warm coats behind. The blazer can be combined with most of the pieces of our wardrobe and you can play with many different styles. One classic combination is with a pair of jeans. For a sporty chic look wear it with sneakers, and for an elegant one, a pair of high heels is the most suitable choice. If you combine your blazer with a shirt and a skirt you will have a beautiful girly look. Don’t be afraid to choose a colorful blazer or even a floral one. You will discover that they can easily be combined with a white t-shirt or pieces in similar shades. An important part of every combination is definitely the accessories. They can transform your outfit and give it the final touch.  So girls, check out today’s post and get inspired!!

The blazer issue 2 The blazer issue 3
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