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Look of the day - wedding guestWedding season is not over. Especially in Greece, since summer is far from over, and everyone is back to their cities from their summer vacations, so weddings are in a full mode. So today’s recommendation will be about attending a wedding, as a guest. You’re not supposed to wear white on a wedding, but what about a nice floral dress, in white as the basic color. I think the floral print takes the “rule” out, and makes it ok to do so. Combine it with a floral bag in a similar print to take the looks away from white even more. For shoes though, I’d definitely go with white, since it’s the most suitable solution, and you don’t want to overdo it with all these prints. Choose a pair of long earrings, a silver cuff bracelet, or both, and you’re covered on the jewelry department. A nice updo, is the best hairstyle for this season, since it’s still super hot, but it can be windy from time to time. Choose a nice red lipstick to finish off your look, and go enjoy the wedding.

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Look of the day - honeymoon vacationSince it’s wedding season we decided to dedicate a look to the honeymoon vacation. Most of the time, we spend our days up to the wedding, only thinking about the wedding dress, the location, the people, and everything that needs to be arranged for this beautiful occasion, so we have no time in our mind to think much about our honeymoon. Of course, depending on the honeymoon location, you’ll have to dress accordingly. But our minds go to tropical places, with endless sandy beaches, and a cocktail on our hand. There are usually full inclusive resorts involved, and that’s the kind of image I personally have on my head right now. So I imagine this outfit, worn on such a place, during the golden hour just before the sun sets. Dressed in a carefree summer dress, that compliments your sunkissed skin, hat on your head, mostly as a fashion statement, and less than a necessity, a beautiful bag that matches your dress, and a nice pair of comfortable heeled sandals. No or limited jewelry are needed for this look, and that totally depends on your mood. Are you thinking of anything better for such an occasion?

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Look of the day _ white satchel bag

Did you know ladies that the leather satchel bag became a popular fashion accessory in 17th century, even though it has been around more? In the beginning, it was used for carrying stuff.  Nowadays, some people still don’t think much of it. As for me, I adore it. When I saw this cute polka dots satchel on Instagram, it didn’t take me long to come up with today’s look.

Starting with the main pieces, pick a white top and a pink pair of shorts. Moreover, a pair of white shoes will fit perfectly. It’s up to you what kind of shoes you are going to wear. I chose this embroidered pair of white converse. Last but not least, a watch with a playful design is more than enough to complete your look. Satchel bags are a little bit expensive, like any other leather one, but they last forever. Some people would say that it’s like an investment. Find this adorable one in the widget below.


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Look of the day mens summer styleIt’s been a long time since we talked about men’s style, and this has to change. So today’s look is dedicated to the men of our lives, and their style. This is kind of a style guide, with the goal of offering some inspiration to men or their girlfriends, friends, mothers, etc. Starting off very simple, with a very casual, laid-back but still sophisticated look. A pair of slim striped shorts is always a good start to an outfit, and this is the protagonist of today’s look. It’s the key piece of the whole outfit, and the only dark one here, since we decided to go with white for the rest of the look. A white T-shirt is all you need to wear on top of it, maybe one with a detail such as the cute pocket the one we picked has, and a nice pair of white sneakers that are very low on the ankle go perfect with this look. If you’re more daring, go for a pair of men’s espadrilles which are the epitome of men’s summer style. Then style the look with a white panama hat, and a silver watch, to finish off the look. You don’t need many accessories. Just wear your hat and enjoy your day!

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Look of the day_floral maxi dress

It’s not the first time we show an outfit based in a floral dress. It will certainly not be the last, too. We love these dresses as they are so stylish. Furthermore, a maxi dress is undoubtedly a perfect choice for this season. Today’s look of the day is emphasised more on the jewels than the dress itself.

Wear your favourite floral dress, maxi or not, with a pair of beige sandals. It’s a well-known fact that beige fits perfectly with everything. As for your jewels, create a dynamic combo. Personally, I like wearing a necklace with a set of 2-3 rings. You can combine a necklace with a pair of earrings or a bracelet, as well. I picked gold jewels but feel free to make your own choice. A few impressive ones would be ideal, as long as you don’t overdo it with too many pieces.


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Look of the day red & pinkRed & pink is one of my favorite summer combinations. A few years ago, very few people dared to pair them together, but these days they’re a pretty common combo. My inspiration for this outfit was this beautiful pink Furla bag. It has the prettiest pink shade I’ve ever seen, and it screams summer. Then, I got a look at these slippers, and I thought, they would look perfect together. And here comes the perfect dress to make them look whole. A beautiful and very relaxed red summer dress, with buttons at the front, leaving just a small slither of skin exposed, under that cute little knot in the chest area. Now all you need, is a dark pair of sunglasses. and a nice minimal pair of earrings, and you’re ready to go wherever you like. Day or night. Your choice! What do you think?

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Look of the day - Mustard & ketchupThe mustard trend is still going strong into summer, and I can’t stop looking at everything mustard and not feel the need to buy it. I desperately want to buy a pair of mustard culotte pants, and I love how well it looks with bright red accessories. Mustard & ketchup is an amazing combo after all. I imagine wearing my culottes with a nice red bandeau crop top, and a pair of low heeled mules. Big round sunglasses for the hot summer days, hair tied back and a nice red cross body bag on my hands. Taking a walk in the city, or next to the sea somewhere, catching the sunset before drinks with friends, and days that turn to nights, that turn to beautiful sunrises before going to bed on the next day. Oh the carelessness of summer and the feeling of the sun touching your skin. How beautiful it is! Got a bit carried away, sorry, but I couldn’t help it. Back to fashion, and one of the hottest color combinations, pairing 2 of the basic colors in a look that screams summer. And if you’re daring enough, why don’t you try this color combo with your makeup too? It’s gonna look amazing, I promise you! 😉

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Look of the day_Comfortable in the city

Bomber jacket came back as a trend last year and it’s still a great choice for a jacket. Especially now, when we don’t know what to wear thanks to the unstable weather. This jacket is ideal for this season as it’s light but warm enough at the same time. Let’s see today how you can wear an olive green bomber jacket.

You can never go wrong with a classic combination. Pick a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers and you are ready to go. The most important part is choosing the shades. You can go for a total black or total white look.  Both options are amazing. There is always the option to pick both shades. Wear a white t-shirt with a pair of black ripped jeans. Depending of how comfortable you would like to feel, wear your favourite pair of sneakers. As for the accessories, you would look absolutely stylish with a set of 3-4 rings. What do you thing? Would you wear an outfit like this one?


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