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Spoon Thessaloniki 9- StylishlyBeautiful.comAs you already know, Stylishly Beautiful’s team loves both sweet and savory dishes. But there are times when we can’t resist some temptations. That’s why, our visit to Spoon was inevitable. It’s a sunny and beautiful coffee shop in Thessaloniki’s center with pleasant environment and friendly staff. Personally, I had heard about it because of its waffles, on top of which you can add whatever ingredients you want and create your own sweet combination. Apart from that, you are going to find some great suggestions for breakfast there, like delicious juices and smoothies and various seasonal salads for brunch. One visit will be enough for you to love it like we do, trust us!!

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Pavlou Mela 38, Thessaloniki
Tel. 231 022 0290

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