Chanel nail polish review

Chanel nail polish review

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Chanel is a very good brand, as we all know, and worth the price of 98% of their products – yes, I have bought a few that I didn’t like, but the majority is great. This is the case of their nail polishes – I am always looking for good nail polishes that can last for some days, and I found some brands that accomplish it, Chanel being one of them. This beautiful shade of blue is the lovely Chanel Blue Boy nail polish. Let’s see what it does!

Chanel Blue Boy nail polish review

I love this polish, it has great coverage and as I said, the durability is also very good. It’s well worth the money asked. The color is lovely, a bit like denim soft blue. The nail polish on the nails was spread smoothly and evenly! The color looked very good with only one coat; still, as I am used to have two coats I had it added, and it looked rich, even, very beautiful. It is also fast drying, on the top of all!

It’s not sticky, and, as I said, you’ll get a nice, shiny and even surface. It lasts for many days, but I have to confess I always use a top coat. This nail polish is  definitively worth buying!

Product displayed here is my own – Photo © by Denise S.

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Chanel Blue Boy nail polish
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