Red and White Musk perfume oils review | The Body Shop

Red and White Musk perfume oils review | The Body Shop

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I bought the Red Musk Oil by the Body Shop after reading about it here on Stylishly Beautiful – a colleague team member wrote about it, and as I owned the White Musk, I was eager to get the Red Musk too! What are the differences between the two?

Red and White Musk oils review

I thought that the oil variation would be stronger than the perfume, cause the shop has a Red Musk perfume, too. Well, no. The scent is good, kind of warm and pleasant, but the lasting power is very poor. I read that dry skins have problems with lasting power of perfumes, and so is my skin – then maybe my problem, not for other people. Who knows! So, if it seems that the oil stays longer on your skin, and it really stays like, say, 1 hour if that much, imagine how the perfume is – half an hour, maybe?! I suppose it must be so light, that it wouldn’t be worth buying it.

Now, the White Musk. Very nice smell, a bit “cleaner” than Red Musk, fresher! But also, doesn’t last long. On a positive note, both are really well absorbed by skin. And kind of moisturizers too, since they are oils. I would say it feels like you came from the shower, and this is a nice feeling. If only it lasted longer! To apply it, you have a wand on the lid. It does make things better, since you don’t want to end up with oily fingers!

I would say, nice oils and very very lovely scents, but not lasting very much on your skin, which is really a pity.

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Red and White Musk Oils by The Body Shop
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