New Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2017

New Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2017

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New Urban Decay Heavy Metals eyeshadow palette for Holiday 2017


Urban Decay is Introducing their first ever all metallic eyeshadow palette – the Heavy Metals! First of all, according to thecompany these are the creamiest, most amazing, shiny metallics, they’ve ever created. What I love the most about this palette is that it has every single colour you will ever need! From light champaing shades, copper and golds to blues and purples. The Heavy Metals Palette from Urban Decay has it all! The company hasn’t anounced a launch date yet. But keep your eyes open! Βecause I am sure this is going to be the perfect palette for the Holiday season. Also you have every single colour in your disposal to create the most outstanding looks. For Christmas to New Years eve, and every other even you have to attend to during the Holidays Urban Decay has got you covered. Therefore get ready for another epic launch from our favourite company!

(The names of the eyeshadows are, Ground, Aluminium, Spandex, Dive, Metalhead, Punk Runk. In addition some other names are Mullet, Amp, Twisted, Glamrock, Bass, Glory, Demo, Starfire, Afterparty, Angelfire, Roadie, Maiden, Scream, Acoustic)


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