You should follow| @dayinmydreams on Instagram

You should follow| @dayinmydreams on Instagram

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You should follow @dayinmydreams on Instagram1

Are you always scrolling down your instagram feed, looking for some inspiration? Well dayinmydreams is here to give plenty!With an amazing style and beautiful flatlays, you will really enjoy this account. She posts all about travel, fashion and lifestyle. The minimal and clean theme of her instagram is amazing! I especialy love her flatlays, since they always look so proffessional! Her fashion posts are always perfect to say the least. I do really suggest you follow her! You can get some amazing photography tips from her posts and serious fashion inspiration! @dayinmy dreams is one of my favourite accounts and I believe she deserves more followers! Go and show her some love, I am sure you will love her!

You should follow @dayinmydreams on Instagram

Maths student, with passion for travel, fashion and beauty. Director of the personal lifestyle and beauty blog P.S. Kate. She loves travelling the world, collecting make up and photographing every moment!


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